August 13, 2021

Happy ba kayo sa SKYPOD? | YAYA Q&A

This is it! Today we are FINALLY gonna get to hear from 2 of the angels here in the #skypod, in what must be one of the most requested videos on my channel. Meet Yaya Jera and Yaya Marlene! It was hard to convince them to come over and talk to you guys, but after I assured them that y’all are nice and you won’t bash them (lol) they agreed to come on! So please please give them a warm welcome, everyone!

Yaya Jera is the one who takes care of Scottie and Yaya Marlene is the one who cleans our rooms and does the laundry. I love them both to pieces and I’m glad you guys do too! I asked you guys what you wanted to ask them via Instagram, so these questions were all from YOU! Of course, I knew they would feel super awkward if I stayed around, so I left the room right after the intro. That way they would be more comfortable to spill the tea lol.

Since I left the room, I have no idea what was asked or what they said! Hmm… shall we do a reaction video? Leave a comment down below if you want me to! Enjoy everyone!!!

Watch the video here:

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