May 17, 2020

How a year of marriage has changed us ✨

Special guest alert! I know how much you guys love it when Slater guests on my channel- and this time, we made it extra special! Inspired by Vanity Fair’s interview of Billie Eilish, we thought it thought it would be fun for Slater & I to answer the same set of questions from 2019 and see how married life has changed us.

The past year was really the time of change for us – we got married, moved into our new home, got a new puppy and now, we’re waiting to meet skybaby in a few weeks time! Crazy right?

From being the busy and independent person than I was before getting married, I slowly found the small joys of having someone by your side 24/7 – having someone to depend on isn’t so bad after all! I get to wake up knowing that Slater is beside me and keeping me safe, I have someone to share my home-cooked meals with (Yes, I try my very best to cook for the hubs now), and now we’re slowly turning our house into a home and start our own little family together. ❤️

Don’t forget to let your loved ones know how grateful you are for them! Happy Sunday and enjoy! x

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