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How Long Does Hair Toner Last? – 5 Ways to Preserve Toner

How Long Does Hair Toner Last-

Whether you want classic blonde hair or a striking silver hair color, hair toners will help you look fresh and classy. But a toner doesn’t last forever.

So, how long does toner last, what does it do, and how do you take care of your hair after using it? Read on to find out the answer to this question!

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How Long Does Toner Last?

Two initial factors will affect how long your hair toner will last: the toner you use and whether you tone your hair at home or in salons (by someone professionally trained).

High-quality professional toners contain more pigment, so they last longer. In fact, they can last up to 8 weeks from when it was applied to your hair if the salon tones your hair properly.

Hair toners that were made by hair dye brands for use at home by someone who is not a professional, on the other hand, are not as concentrated.

This is why they may not as long and will require that you apply them more frequently.

So, the short answer is that hair dye toner will generally last between 3 to 5 weeks on average depending on these two factors.

But is that all there is to it? Not exactly.

Extending Shelf Life

You can still extend the life of your hair toner if you use the proper hair care routine and shampoo for your hair.

A basic rule of thumb that you need to remember is the more frequently you wash your hair, the shorter the lifespan of your toner will be. 

For example, with all other factors being the same, a person who washes their hair daily will notice that they need another toning much faster than another person who only washes their hair every 3 days.

In summary, the following factors will affect how long the toner lasts and how good it will look:

  • Quality and concentration of the toner
  • Who applied it
  • Whether it was properly applied
  • Hair care routine
  • Other hair products you use

Do I Need Hair Toner?

Toners are basically semi-permanent hair colors that one can apply on pre-lightened hair to call off yellow and orange tones, as well as semi-permanent hair brassiness.

Toners are great for correcting bad hair color and retouching the roots. Since it’s like semi-permanent hair color, you can use it in particular spots, as well as your entire head.

If you dyed your hair blonde, its appearance depends on the toner you used. Toner adds glow to your hair, making it look shinier and healthier without orange tones.

This is similar to normal hair dye or purple shampoo. Using this product will also help soften the color of your hair so it’s not too harsh to look at.

If you have naturally lighter blonde hair, you won’t need this (or purple shampoo). But if you do, it’s important to ask how often you need to get toning done, whether from your favorite hair salon or at home.

BUT, we highly encourage you to go to a salon if you can. They would know best on what toner would work for your hair color (e.g., green toner would be ideal for red hair color).

Why Does Professional Toner Last Longer?


As we mentioned earlier, professional hair colors, such as toner, have a higher concentration of pigment than those made for one’s home use. That’s why they can eliminate orange tones quicker.

Remember that this is still a hair dye product made to color or shade your hair. And if the manufacturers are targeting home users, then this is where the issue lies:

They expect that their toner would be sued by beginners or people who have no knowledge of basic hair coloring principles that are essential for properly coloring your hair with strong products.

That’s why manufacturers make their goods weaker with a lower concentration of pigmentation to avoid over-coloring your hair. And as a natural consequence, a lower concentration will give you a shorter lifespan of about 3 weeks.

Think of it this way: If it’s your first time toning your hair (or using hair dye) and you mess it up, wouldn’t you be glad you only have to live with that for 3 weeks before trying again? We certainly would.

It’s still a pretty strong chemical and it’s not recommended to tone your hair twice in one sitting.

Colors like platinum blond, white, gray, and darker tones such as gunmetal gray or blue black hair, will require you to regularly tone your hair to keep your hair looking good.

For those with red hair dye problems, you can take a look at our article about Neutralizing Red Hair Tones for more to learn more.

Make Your Hair Toner Last Longer

Last Longer

Can it be done? Yes!

Regardless of whether you toned your hair yourself or went to a salon to asks a professional to color your hair for you, this part of the article will be relevant to you.

All these tips will help you maximize your hair color and keep that thing looking great for longer.

1. The 48-Hour Rule After You Tone Your Hair

There are a few basic instructions you need to follow right after you tone your hair.

Part of this is that you do not wash your hair for the first 48 hours. This lets the pigment settle into your hair and gives your hair time to absorb all of it.

This is critical so that you don’t accidentally wash off the colors you just tried so hard to put in.

2. Use Toning Shampoo

Once that period after applying toner is over, go wash your hair! Just make sure you only use toning shampoos after those first 2 days.

This is a mix of shampoo and toner. For every time you use toning shampoo on your hair, more toner (and its pigment) will be deposited in your hair.

So using toning shampoo lets you maintain the level of color in your hair and refreshes its shade so that you maintain its beauty.

You can learn more about it in our Guide on Purple vs Blue Toning Shampoos.

There are many kinds of this purple shampoo for different kinds of hair colors, including dark ones, an ash color, brown, red, blond, grey, and purple hair dyes.

3. Don't Use Hair Masks the First Week

These masks are filled with various chemicals that can wash out the pigment, thus damaging the result of your hair dye or color.

4. How Often to Wash

Only wash your hair every 3 days. If you can last even longer than without having dirty hair, and would even be better. This is critical for maintaining the look and tone of your hair.

Remember the more you wash, the more shade and color you’re stripping away from your locks.

Check the back of your haircare goods of choice. If the ingredients list has sodium lauryl sulfate, your blonde hair will fade much faster than it should. So choose other hair care products!

5. What to Stay Away From

If you love the beach or frequently swim or surf in salt water, toner will not agree with your lifestyle. The high concentration of salt in salt water will make your toner fade very quickly.

Moreover, whether you spend a lot of time on the beach or any other place outdoors, exposing your toned hair to the sun and salt water can damage it. Your toner will last much shorter than it should.

So, stay away from sodium lauryl sulfate, salt water, and too much sun exposure if you want to stretch the lifespan of your highlights, ash color, and blonde hair.



Hair toners are great for all kinds of colors. There’s a reason your favorite salon uses this for many of their clients, over just bleaching or ordinary hair dye.

But something you should remember is that you need to follow these instructions to maintain its tone and initial results.

Now that you know the answer to the question we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, you can make sure that your toner will last and keep that blonde look longer, no matter which toner you use!

We recommend that you also incorporate a conditioner formulated for colored hair to prolong the pigment of your hair dye.

For more information and tips about hair dyeing, you can read up on our article about how long it would take to dye hair.


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