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How to Contour Your Nose to Make It Look Smaller: 6 Tips

How to Contour Your Nose

There are endless makeup tutorials online, so it can be confusing to know which guru or makeup artist to trust the most, especially when you contour your nose.

Nose contouring can do a lot of magic WHEN DONE RIGHT. 

There are undeniably many types of noses, which equals a MILLION ways to achieve that perfectly contoured nose.

Here’s a guide on how to contour your nose.

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The Best Nose Contouring Tricks

We’ve seen one too many contour victims in this lifetime.

As advocates of nose contouring, we are here to take you through the best tips and tricks on how to contour your nose. 

These should help make your nose look just the right amount of defined and natural.

ALL NOSES are different. This means that there is simply no singular commandment or formula to make your nose look 10/10 always.

But we’ve found the 6 most helpful tips for just about any nose! Check them out below.

1. Blend to Eliminate Harsh Lines


Nothing screams amateur more than unblended makeup. When it comes to makeup, you HAVE to blend everything from the highlighter, powder, liquid foundation (perfect for covering freckles), eyeshadow, and most especially, the contour.

Blending your makeup is important to soften the contour lines and create a better shadow for the skin.

And what’s more, the way you apply highlighter and contour and ultimately blend it can greatly affect the look of your nose.

  • For a Smaller Nose – Draw a dot on the tip of your nose and blend until it reaches the curves of your nostrils.
  • For a Wider Nose – Draw contour lines or dots far from each other, then highlight the space in between (The wider the highlighted space, the better!).
  • For a Thinner Nose – Shade straight rather than following the natural structure of your nose, then use a highlighter on the areas you want to emphasize. Unfortunately, applying highlighter can also divert attention away from the features you don’t want to be noticed.
  • For a Longer Nose – Apply highlighter on the nose tip.

2. Find Products Similar to Your Natural Skin Tone

Find Products Similar

Believe it or not, bronzers aren’t the only product you can use to contour your nose.

Truth be told, some beauty experts don’t even recommend using a bronzer to contour the nose as it can sometimes appear one too many shades darker than your natural skin tone.

When contouring the nose, it’s better to opt for shades with a natural shade that resembles shadows for an effortless look.

Surprisingly, eyebrow products make for a great substitute contour product, so make sure to try that the next time you’re up for a day of soft glam.

It’s perfect for those who prefer a “less is more” makeup look as it doubles for your nose AND eyebrows. 

But if all else fails, you can always just buy a makeup contour kit which should already have everything you need.

3. Don't Forget the Tip of Your Nose

Don't Forget the Tip

When you contour your nose, you may sometimes focus too much on the bridge of your nose that you end up forgetting about the tip!

It happens. And it does take a lot of work sometimes.

Another great way to contour the nose naturally is through applying some contour product on the very tip of your nose.

Just remember that the goal is to create a shadow-like illusion as you shade your nose’s tip. A little bit will go a long way!

4. Try Drawing Dots

Try Drawing Dots

We’ve all done this at least once. Drawing two straight lines is one of the oldest contour tricks in the book.

Yes, it does the job of defining your nose, but what if we told you there was another way to do it that was just as effective?

Instead of drawing a straight line on both sides of your nose, try drawing dots!

On the sides of your nose, make vertical lines through the dots and blend until you see the natural definition it creates.

5. Throw Some Shade, Literally

Throw Some Shade, Literally

For another effective technique on how to contour your nose, read the following instructions below:

  • Grab a small brush and your chosen powder. For dry skin, we recommend using a drugstore setting powder.
  • Draw slightly slanted straight lines starting from the inner corner of your eye. You elongate the shape when you start from that inner corner.
  • Continue drawing the line on the bridge down to the nose tip.
  • Make sure to follow your desired nose shape to achieve the shadow effect.
  • Highlight accordingly.
  • Apply the same steps to the other side of your nose.
  • Blend it all out!

6. Throw in a Luminous Concealer

Throw in a Luminous Concealer

Before you contour your nose, try applying concealer onto the center and bridge of your nose. Doing so will add shape to make your nose have a more defined structure.

However, you need to ensure that the concealer shade is around two shades lighter to see proper definition. 

This will also create a sleek silhouette for your nose.

Also, note that there is a difference between luminous and shimmery concealers, and you’re going to want the former for this!

To achieve this look, start by applying concealer on your nose bridge and make your way down until the tip.

The Importance of the Nose Contour

The Importance

Trying to contour your nose can be tricky sometimes. 

Put TOO LITTLE, and you’ll barely even see the difference. Apply TOO MUCH, and you could end up looking like you got a bad nose job.

When it comes to contouring, it’s a thin line between sculpted and sculpture.

TRUST us on this. The last thing you want is to draw attention to a flat nose and a bulbous nose.

More often than not, the goal is to make your nose look as natural as possible

You also want to see the definition of a narrow nose sans the harsh lines.


Now you know that it doesn’t take a makeup artist to get the contoured nose you’ve been longing for. 

Just remember to stick to these tips, and you’ll get the shape and shadow you want in no time.

When it comes to contour, it all boils down to the right technique, the right products, and the ever-so-immaculate blending.


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