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How to Get Ash Brown Hair Without Bleaching at Home: 3 Steps

How to Get Ash Brown Hair

If you’re trying out a NEW LOOK, then we’re sure you’ve stumbled across all types of hair color and shade.

A trend that’s quite popular right now is the gorgeous ash brown hair color. It’s eye-catching, yet subtle and soft to give you that classic ashy brown look under the sun.

Here are some TIPS and things you need to know when you plan on getting ash brown hair.

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How Can I Get Dark Ash Brown Hair?

Now comes the fun part. Getting the best ash brown hair! You have a lot of options when it comes to getting the best ash brown hair you’ve been DYING to get.

We’ll answer them for you as we go through the steps for getting ashy brown hair below!

Step 1: Determine If You Need to Bleach

Step 1

For darker colors, like if you have brunette hair, for example, you need a lighter shade to achieve ash brown hair color.

No Need: Light Brown

Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you have light brown hair or lighter, then you can proceed to using hair dye to get that ash brown hair color that you want.
  • If you don’t have light brown, then even the best ash brown hair dyes may FAIL to make your hair ash brown.

Ash brown hair dyes usually come with instructions when you buy the dye. Just MAKE SURE to follow the instructions on your ash brown hair dye.

Keep in mind that in general, ashy brown hair dye can’t lighten the color of your hair, so there’s a chance that you get slightly darker hair than your ashy brown color dye.

If you get darker hair after using hair dye, then you can go for ash brown hair dye that’s a few shades lighter than what you originally intended in order to avoid getting brunette hair.

Required: Darker Colors

If your hair color is darker than light brown, then you will have to BLEACH it to get that smoky shade of ash brown hair color.

This is often the case even for other hair color trends, so be prepared to bleach your hair!

You can either go to a professional if you’re not comfortable bleaching by yourself, or you can do it yourself if you already know how.

Take note that if you have brunette hair or dark brown hair, one coloring session may not be enough as your hair will most likely still be darker than light brown.

Once you get more than one coloring session, that’s only the time you can proceed in coloring with ash brown hair dye.

Step 2: Dyeing

Step 2

Of course, the next thing you have to do is to dye your hair to get that ash brown tone and GORGEOUS silver highlights you’ve been wanting to wear!

Option 1: Salon

The best ash brown hair result would be to go to the salon and have your natural hair PROFESSIONALLY DONE to get that shade of ash brown color.

If you have warm hair tones such as red and golden blonde, then you should go to the salon because these tones are hard to remove.

The salon can also be a big help when you need to lighten your curls because improper bleaching can lead to chemical and heat damage to your brunette hair.


A low-maintenance way to care for salon-colored ash hair at home is to use purple or silver shampoo once a week to prevent the color from fading.

As most of us need to wash more than once a week, you can use sulfate shampoo to strengthen hair bonds and maintain color.

Option 2: DIY Hair Care at Home

If you feel like going to the salon is too much of a HASSLE, you can use a wide variety of products in order to achieve that rich brown hair at home.

  • Some of these products are purple and silver shampoo, which help replace those soft, subtle, sun-kissed, blonde strands with cooler silver highlights.
  • Another product you can use is a blue-based shampoo. They work similarly to the shampoo above, but instead of dealing with blonde highlights, blue shampoos cool down red and orange tones.

These products help tone down the unwanted brassiness in your hair at home in order to bring out cool undertones in your look.

To use these products, you just have to follow these 3 STEPS:

  • Wash your head with cold water
  • Apply shampoo and massage from root to tip.
  • Rinse with cold water

You can use conditioner afterward as needed. After using it only once, you can immediately see results.

Just a word of caution: DO NOT use these types of shampoo more than once a week. If you use this product too much, it can make you look dull.

Applying Ash Brown Hair Dye

Now that you’ve “cooled” your curls with blue-based shampoo, you can now apply the ash brown hair dye to finish the ash brown color process.

Before beginning, make sure to not wash your hair for at least 2 days before applying the dye. Unwashed hair gives you a layer of oil on your scalp to PROTECT it from irritation.

When you start, make sure to carefully pick the shade of color you want so that it suits your own hair. Read the instructions on the products well in order to avoid mistakes when dyeing your hair at home.

What is Ash Brown Hair?

What is Ash Brown Hair

Sometimes also known as mushroom brown hair, ashy brown hair is a low-maintenance trend that rose to popularity thanks to its natural, cool appearance.

Mushroom brown hair comes in different shades, such as light ash brown, and medium ash brown.

All in all, these terms, mushroom brown hair, medium ash brown, refer to the same thing. They often refer to a different version or shade of the color.

Will Ash Brown Hair Color Suit Me?

Ash brown hair color suits COOL SKIN TONES best. This is especially true for light ash brown hair. As your ash brown hair becomes lighter, the more it suits cool undertones.

If you have green or blue eyes, then light ash brown hair may also be the hair colour for you. (Mushroom brown would also be nice but we can save that for another time.)

However, this doesn’t mean that if your skin has warm undertones, you automatically can’t wear your hair color with the ashy brown, smoky shade.

You warm up your dark ash brown hair by mixing in ombre, balayage styles, or even dip hair dye in your ash brown hair so that it suits warmer tones.

Skin Tones: Warm vs. Cool

Warm vs. Cool

So what exactly are these cool and warmer hair dye tones? It may sound confusing at first, but it’s actually easy to understand!

Your skin has warm tones in it if:

  • Your skin tone is tan, brown, or olive
  • You have freckles (although freckles can still appear in cool skin tones)
  • Bright shades and rich colors look better on you.
  • Your hair colour naturally has red or golden tones in it
  • The color of your veins is green
  • Jewelry: Gold jewelry suits you better than silver and pearls.

Your skin has cool tones in it if:

  • Your skin is pale or pink.
  • You easily blush
  • Pastel colors look good on you.
  • Yellow does not look good on you.
  • The color of your veins is blue
  • Jewelry: Pearls and silver suit you better than gold.


Now that you know how to get ash brown hair, you can EXPERIMENT further on the trend by getting highlights and experimenting with other styles such as ombre, balayage, and dip dye.

These make your look UNIQUE even among the many people who follow the trend!

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