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How to Get Bouncy Hair: 9 Tips for Volume, Body, and Shine

How to Get Bouncy Hair

Are you suffering from dry, limp tresses and split ends? Do you wish you could maintain beautiful and bouncy hair even during the humid summer months?

Well, believe it or not, there are a few simple ways to ADD BACK BOUNCE and shine to your fine hair.

With the right products, styling tools, and techniques, you can definitely achieve that enviable, voluminous look from the comforts of your own home.

Ready to get started? Check out our best tips and tricks to perfect your bouncy hair care routine below.

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How to Get Bouncy Hair at Home: Say Hello to Soft, Silky, and Shiny Hair!

1. Wash Your Hair Frequently


One of the most basic tips for bouncy hair is to shampoo your hair regularly to get rid of oils, grease, dirt, and product residue as these make your hair appear limp and flat.

This is especially important during HOT MONTHS because you’re more likely to sweat a lot.

However, don’t overdo it either.

Too much shampoo can dry out your hair, so limit your hair wash to every other day, and make sure to use a good-quality conditioner to reintroduce moisture into your locks.

2. Blow-Dry Your Hair


Blow-drying helps you achieve silky, shiny, and straight tresses, but what if you want to add more body to your mane?

Well, the trick is to do it UPSIDE DOWN.

Flip your head over and start blow-drying your hair from this angle to instantly get more hair volume!

PRO TIP: If you have wavy or curly hair, we highly recommend you check out our reviews of the best curly-hair-blow-dryers for some options.

Just make sure to apply a heat protectant BEFORE using any heat tools or styling tools to prevent hair breakage.

If you want to keep the bounce in your hair for longer, put on some hairspray after blow-drying.

The best types of hairspray are the ones labeled “thickening” or “volumizing”  so watch out for those when making a purchase!

3. Brush Gently and Sparingly


For healthy and bouncier hair, you shouldn’t be brushing your hair too much.

In fact, overbrushing leads to split ends, hair damage, and hair fall, so always make sure you comb GENTLY if you need to remove knots in your hair.

4. Try Oiling Your Hair

Try Oiling

Oiling is also a great way to give your hair the nutrients and moisture it needs after being exposed to heat and harsh weather conditions. Hair oil can also help repair dryness caused by colour damage.

Simply put a coin-sized drop of coconut, argan, or almond hair oil in your hand; apply it all over your tresses, and leave it on for a few hours (or even overnight).

After washing your hair with shampoo, it should feel extremely soft and look very healthy!

5. Use Rollers or Curlers

Use Curlers

Another way to achieve bouncier hair is to use hot rollers or velcro rollers:

  • Just spritz on some texturizing spray before rolling up the hair along the front and crown of your head.
  • Then, leave them on for 20 minutes (or even overnight) to produce locks with a whole lot of bounce, body, and volume.

If you’re using velcro rollers, you can opt to apply heat with a blow dryer so that the curls set properly. Try using some hairspray too for curls that stay in place for hours!

6. Apply a Hair Mask

Hair Mask

When you’re dealing with damaged hair, split ends, and/or hair fall, you need something that will nourish your locks — one great home remedy is a hair mask.

Natural ingredients such as egg, olive oil, honey, mayonnaise, and yogurt are known to add shine and bounce to your hair.

Apply these all over your hair and roots, and leave them on for some time for optimal results.

Some people even swear by one peculiar formula: BEER! Massage beer into your roots; leave it on for a few minutes, and rinse it off with cold water for healthy, bouncy hair.

7. Use Volumizing Hair Products


You should also look out for products that are specifically formulated to add bounce, volume, and shine to fine hair.

Dry shampoo, volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and volumizing hair spray/styling spray are all great options!

These things are available practically everywhere, so you can try a bunch of them out to see which ones work best with your hair.

8. Switch Up Your Part

Switch Up Your Part

This is, by far, the simplest of the tips on this list, but it actually makes a big difference. Switching up your part changes your style instantly and adds a whole lot of volume to your hair.

Why does this work?

Well, when your hair gets used to staying on one side, it tends to look pretty FLAT. Once you flip your part, though, you get an instant lift at the roots plus the illusion of layers.

Just brush your hair to the opposite side and see for yourself!

9. Improve Your Eating Habits

Eating Habits

Did you know that your diet affects your hair growth and hair condition?

A balanced diet that consists of protein and essential fatty acids will not only help you achieve bouncy hair—it’ll help with hair growth too!

Make sure to eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats to keep your hair (and your body) very healthy.

Other people also say that cutting out milk products seem to have helped make their hair shinier.

Additional Tips for Voluminous Tresses

Additional Tips

Schedule Regular Haircuts

For lush and healthy tresses, you should trim your hair regularly. Haircuts will get rid of those pesky split ends, giving you beautiful hair with a whole lot of bounce.

If you’re having trouble managing your long hair because of much it weighs, you should also consider a short style since it’s easier to maintain.

The key to bouncier hair is healthy hair, so make sure you’re properly caring for your tresses!

Consider Layered Hairstyles

Now, if you’re afraid to go short, layers are a good choice. This way, you’ll still have long, luscious hair that appears more voluminous, especially at the top of your head.

Just make sure you go to a trusted hairdresser if you’re exploring a different style, as layers are a bit harder to grow out!

Get a Professional Hair Treatment

Sometimes, limp and flat hair isn’t genetic; it may be caused by FACTORS such as vitamin/mineral deficiencies and intense chemical treatments.

For severe cases, you can consult a health practitioner or a dermatologist, and you can also consider getting professional hair treatments.

If you opt to get a salon treatment, just make sure the formulation is completely safe. Ideally, all-natural ingredients should be used to avoid the risk of hair damage.


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