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How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Without Makeup in 3 Steps

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Without Makeup in 3 Steps

Don’t worry— the answer is NOT plastic surgery.

There are much more affordable ways to make your eyes pop that are safe AND good for you.

Mascara, liquid liner, and false lashes can be a quick fix BUT there are times you just can’t be bothered. 

Plus, no makeup makeup is more of the trend these days.

And whether or not you are a makeup person, there’s definitely a trick or two that you can include in your daily makeup or skincare routines to make your eyes look bigger and care for the eye area.

Table of Contents

Caring for the Eye Area


The first step to looking your best will always be self-care and making sure you feel your best.

Overall health is important and this, of course, applies to our eyes as well!

To care for this area and follow the tips we’ve listed below, all you’ll really need is clean hands and a gentle touch!

Remember that the skin around your eye area is ACTUALLY DIFFERENT from the rest of your face. It’s much thinner and needs to be handled with extra care.

A good rule of thumb: Try and use your ring finger as much as possible when dealing with this area.

You’ll also want to avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible to prevent too much friction from causing wrinkles or sagging (and to keep infection-causing germs out).

Making Your Eyes Look Bigger Naturally

Bigger Eyes

Now for the real fun stuff!

In addition to attending to your overall health, these are things to incorporate into your self-care routines to make your eyes look bigger naturally.

Without cosmetic surgery, you’re not really changing the how you look.

Instead, you’ll be able to enhance your already beautiful existing features to make your eyes POP!

3 Steps to Naturally Bigger and Brighter Eyes

  1. Daily facial exercises
  2. Massaging your face
  3. Gently and effectively applying your skincare

Tips from a Facial Yoga Expert

Are you as shocked as us was when we found out facial yoga existed? There are muscles all over our body, including our faces!

In fact, there are over 40 muscles in our face alone, and tending to them will help the appearance of our eyes.

Facial Yoga has been popular in Japan for years and was popularized in the West by Koko Face Yoga.

It has been proven to TRANSFORM your eyes with just 3 minutes of practice daily.

Facial Muscle Exercises

Straining your eyes by staring at a screen for hours everyday can stiffen your muscles to the point your eyes are stuck in a permanent squint.

Exercising your facial muscles will help you keep what is called proper “facial posture”, which makes sure your eye muscles are relaxed and your eyes are wide open.

Facial Shiatsu

After a good workout, it’s always a great idea to relax the muscles with the little help of a massage!

Like we mentioned before, you DON’T actually need special products— all you’ll need is your clean hands. BUT you can save time and pamper yourself a little more by incorporating these massages into your skincare routine!

This will also help stimulate the skin so it absorbs your skincare much better!

Women are often told it’s never too early to start using eye cream, but you can honestly use whatever you want and works best for you— just make sure to stay moisturized and hydrated, people!

Here’s an example of some facial exercises and massages you can try:

Make sure to properly follow Koko’s instructions to avoid causing damage or accidentally doing something harmful!

For more detailed explanations and demonstrations, you can check out Koko Hayashi’s youtube channel and six-part video series on how to make your eyes look bigger here.

Tips from Professional Makeup Artists

Tips from Pros

Facial yoga takes time and dedication but luckily, there are other things we can do to INSTANTLY make our eyes appear bigger.

More importantly, we don’t actually need makeup! There are plenty of tricks a makeup artist does for their clients.

Instead of having to learn how to expertly applying concealer on the inner corners of your eyes and along your brow bone for an instant face lift, MASSAGING these areas will work EVEN BETTER!

Sure, putting product on the inner corner will show instant results, but a massage will be more effective in the long run. 

After all, there’s only so much concealer, mascara, liquid black liner and false lashes can do— and who wouldn’t want to feel more confident with nothing covering up their skin?

Good Prep

Good Prep

Any good makeup artist will tell you that prepping before applying makeup AFFECTS how your eyes look just as much as mascara and liquid liner.

Gently massaging will also help complexion products sit on your skin better.

Grooming Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Since eyelashes and brows frame the eyes, correctly applying mascara on your lashes or applying concealer around your brows for a clean and lifted look are important.

But BEFORE you even get to that, you need to properly groom them first.

Make sure to pick a shape for your brows that will frame your eyes well and to brush your eyebrows up for a LIFTED EFFECT.

Before you apply mascara, you’ll need to make good use of your eyelash curler. 

Make sure to curl your lashes from their root along the upper lash line, until the ends of your eyelashes for a naturally lifted effect.

Afterwards, you can then apply mascara. Your eyes will look more ALIVE when you curl your lashes!

Eye Drops

Using drops is a simple trick professionals use that quickly takes effect!

There are drops widely available that reduce redness in your eyes, making the whites of your eyes and the colors of your irises stand out more.

Proper Cleansing

Like we mentioned before, the lower lash line can be SENSITIVE so make sure to gently wash makeup off your skin and especially your lashes.

Washing mascara off your lashes can be tedious and risks pulling your eyelashes out too! The lower lashline is especially at risk of catching old mascara and gunk so make sure you cleanse well.

Plus, if you use false eyelashes, use the glue remover gently and don’t get it in your eye.

Play with Colors

Play with Colors

Besides worrying about what shade or shades of eye shadow, liner, and mascara would work best for you, choosing the right hair color can do wonders to make your eyes pop!

In addition to choosing the right shade of eye makeup for your skin tone, the color of your hair and clothing can make a HUGE difference.

Playing with colors will help you find the right combination of different shades to work with.

Semi-Permanent Liner and Lashes

Semi-Permanent Liner and Lashes

You can also go get permanent eyeliner done, which is a dermatologically-approved tattoo applied along or above your lash line.

Lash lifts and extensions are also popular but both procedures can cost a lot and each comes with their own set of risks, requiring touch-ups every so often.

But if you find the need to constantly grab an eyelash curler to curl your lashes manually tiring, maybe consider getting one!

Before You Go, READ THIS: Why Your Eyes Look Small

Before You Go

All of our bodies are amazing and HAVE WAYS of telling us their current conditions.

Our eyes are no exception and when we’re tired or stressed, they have a way of letting us know.

Dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles and sagging can make our eyes appear smaller and are signals that we need to take better care of ourselves!

Dark Circles

These shadows underneath can distract from our pretty peepers, making them appear sunken and smaller than they are.

And if you’re the type to suffer from panda eyes when fatigued, these shadows can enclose your eye shape the same way excessive and smudged eyeliner or mascara can, making them look even smaller.

Plus, feeling and looking tired is never cute so make sure you’re getting enough sleep

It’ll be vital to not only conceal dark circles, but also prevent them from forming in the first place.

Sagging and Wrinkles

As you age, the skin along your brow bone and your lids can start to sag. These types of wrinkles will inevitable start forming!

Aesthetic reasons aside, caring for the skin around your eyes is also important to prevent signs of aging that can actually hinder your eyesight!

The beautiful wrinkles, laugh and smile lines around your eyes will also eventually sag over them if not properly taken care of. 

Excessive sagging in this area will make your eyes look smaller and cover up your line of sight.

You can slow down this process by routinely using an eye cream.


Eye bags and general puffiness will slightly cover up your eyes as well.

You can rub some ice cubes around your eye area in the morning to de-puff!

While it’s perfectly normal to wake up puffy in the morning, this can also be an ALLERGIC REACTION to something. 

Other things to watch out for include:

  • The lash line is a sensitive area that’s not only difficult to apply eyeliner to, but many people can actually be allergic to ingredients used in eyeliner, mascara, or false lashes.
  • You’ll also find yourself more bloated after a night of drinking or eating salty food the day before.
  • The puffing and bloating is caused by your body trying to retain water, so make sure to stay hydrated!

Looking and Feeling Your Best

Looking and Feeling Your Best

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and there are probably many other women out there who would give anything to look like you.

An important thing to remember is looking your best = feeling your best!

Making sure to sleep well and to take care of yourself a little bit everyday is the best solution but everyone’s needs are also different.

We hope that you’ll like the tips you’ve tried and that they worked to make your eyes appear bigger without makeup!

If you’re interested in more no-makeup tips, then you can read out article on How to Cover a Pimple Naturally.


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