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5 years ago

Planning My Wedding | Suppliers and Essentials (Philippines)


Still can’t believe that it’s been more than month since Slater and I exchanged vows! We’re both getting used to this new chapter of our lives and easing into the realm of marriage.

I’m sharing with you (in detail) how we pulled off the #YoungAndKryzzzie nuptials through the help of our amazing wedding suppliers. Seriously, I look back to the day of the wedding and realized how stress-free and easy everything seems to be. Sure there are a few minor hiccups, but because of the special people around us the event seemed so seamless.

If you are a blushing bride-to-be and is under a lot of stress for wedding planning, I hope you can pick up a lot of tips and recommendation from this blog I’ve put together.

Let’s dive in!




Our beautiful wedding invites and save the date is a product of the creative collaboration of my sister Jacklyn Uy  (Deedoe Design) and Slater’s sister, Sheryl Young (She Crafts It).

These were printed by High Caliber Trading (@highcalibertrading).



Event Photographer – Mango Red Photography

I’ve always wanted my wedding photos to focus on the candid moments. I want the photos to capture the raw and real moments of our special day.

Which is why I was so psyched when Ryan, one of the heads of MangoRED, flew in all the way to Cebu from NZ  for our wedding! He moved around his events there so that he could personally shoot our wedding and I’m so touched and grateful.

They gave us also gave us an amazing discount because he’s friends with my siblings! Honestly, I couldn’t be happier that they came and shot our wedding photos.

I’m so happy to have personally experienced the Jason Magbanua wedding magic. It’s such an honor to have the man who pioneered the Same Day Edit (SDE) feature that’s popular in modern weddings and events.

You can see Jason’s passion in capturing the love and sincerity in anything he produces. He’s such an amazing person to work with and his ability to narrate a beautiful love story through his work is just outstanding.

Another team that I booked way in advance is my hair and makeup team.  I had no doubt that I would go for Anthea Bueno for my makeup and RJ Dela Cruz for my hair. They were such an amazing match. Both of them are true artist and they have this talent of highlighting the natural beauty of anyone they touch.


Wedding Gown  – Francis Libiran

For my wedding dress and Slater suit, we got it from legendary, the Francis Libiran.

Slater and Francis had been working together for a while now since his PBB days.  He’s really determined to get Francis to work on his wedding suit and as a result I guess Francis decided to sponsor my gown as well!

I just love how it turned out! I love how the gown is simply a great reflection of my personal style. It was so easy moving around with it, yet if you look closely, you’d see how delicately the design was put together.

I’m so thankful that Francis really took the time to design something that is not as typical.

The gown was made of Italian lace and they hand sewed the bead-like floral handmade pleats and there are little Swarovski crystals all over the gown. He even added this crystal leaf detail at the back of my gown which I think was such a nice touch.

Entourage – Elizabeth Hallie

My whole entourage looked absolutely stunning as they were each clad in dreamy tulle frocks created by Elizabeth Hallie.  I really wanted combination of different shades of blue so that the photos would look more dynamic than if it was just one color and she absolutely accommodated my requests. We initially wanted a sort of gradient tulle design for the bridesmaids but that didn’t work out and so Elizabeth decided to hand dye the fabric to get exact color that I wanted and I’m very very thankful.

I worked with Dylan from Weddings by Vatel in the past and I can still remember the bouquet that they prepared for us for that shoot.

It was so beautiful. They delicately hand-picked wild flowers, contrary to the typical all white/red roses, or tulips.

I think the variation of the flower says something about my personality – how I’m a little of everything, mold into the kind of woman I am now.

This quality totally adds to the whole vibe of the wedding.

Gifts/ Entourage Boxes

When you have a big entourage it’s currently a huge trend to them gifts. So, for my entourage, I paid so much attention to the gift boxes.

I gave out wooden boxes with special items in them – also printed by High Caliber Trading.

Because my wedding was near the beach, I decided to double the gift boxes as a welcome bundle they can use.

For the bridesmaids boxes, I placed in swimsuits from I love koi that I hand-picked depending on their specific body types. I also gave them a pair of February lifestyle earrings and
gave them matching sandals from Swelas.

I also gave them personalized corkcicle water bottles so that they would remain hydrated throughout their stay.

I spoiled my bridesmaids a little and gave out matching nighties, earrings with a little pearl hanging from it from Jacatel and beautiful clutches made of Capiz shells from Island Girl PH.

Slater’s groomsmen had the same personalized wooden box. This time we gave them neckties that they could wear during the wedding itself and we also gave them customized towels they can use in the beach and I think I added personalized corkcicle bottles in the mix.

All of my godparents received a differently designed box that I also got from High Caliber Trading.

Inside, there are customized wine glasses from Reminisce Manila and a cheese board with the couples name in it. I also added Maison Berger sets in each boxes.

Apart from the gift boxes, we also gave them the cloth for their own gowns and I just love how they personalized it to fit their own style.

By now you’ll notice how I love customized gifts!

I honestly believe that gifts with a personal touch is more memorable.

Wedding Cake – Naked Patisserie

Christian Marc Jacobs, the head of Naked Patisserie, and Francis Libiran’s husband, was our official cake sponsor.

They flew in their cake that they custom-designed for us from Manila. They assembled it on the spot and it’s just majestic.

Before coming up with the beautiful cake we had for the wedding, we went on a few back and forth with the design. Then, Christian messaged me just a few days before the wedding right after he got our official invites and he said that he’ll redesign the cake to make it more suited to the invites.

I gave him free reign and the cake turned out to be amazing!

Also, apart from it’s beauty, the cake is fully edible!

Wedding ringJMA Jewerly

I got my wedding earrings form JMA Jewelry. I mentioned this in my February favorites how the wedding ring took form.

I got a half eternity ring and it has our official wedding
date which is February 14th, 2019.

Slater’s ring is not matching mine as his is not fully
non embellished, and is simple and plain.

I think even with the ring we want it to really mirror our personality and taste of style.

Event Stylist – pinkfloraflowers

Our event stylist was pinkfloraflowers, owned and managed by Tita Pinky Chang.

Tita Pinky as so hands-on and she was there with me throughout the whole experience.

The night before the wedding, it rained so hard that she was on a little panic, thinking about what to do if she still would set up in the garden or move it indoors.

Thankfully, the weather calmed (thanks to the eggs we offered!) and we were able to set up everything outdoors as planned.

Our reception boasted a classic and under the stars theme which is so perfect. I have no words because it was exactly the wedding I imagined.

We also got a food stylist – no other than the expert, Tita Teresin Mendezona. Tita Teresing took her time choosing all the food that we served to our guests. I only had the best feedback from our guests and I can personally attest to how carefully planned the plated dinner and the buffet was.

We started off with four course of plated food- first, we had a tuna tataki, followed by a clam chowder soup and next was the salad.

For the last course we had our sorbet served atop a dalandan fruit instead of a typical bowl – it was such an iconic piece and I think that made all the difference.

We served our plated course while speeches are on-going. This way our guest wouldn’t need to stand and and be relaxed.

After the speech, we opened the carving stations. We had ribeye and salmon.

We also had a pasta station and a separate dessert buffet station people could talk and roam around after the program.

The after-party lasted way into the wee hours of the morning and we served arroz caldo for the hundred guests who stayed behind to party. It was good effort because it really filled up the bellies of the drunk ones!

Wedding Coordinator – Snoogie Weddings and Events

Snoogie is an absolute angel. She and her crew were very instrumental in making our wedding successful.

I’m so happy that I got her because the whole event was super stress-free for me.

During the preparations, she never failed to remind me of the meetings, what we need to prepare and everything else.

The whole event was really stress-free because of she was so professional about everything.

I’m grateful that she and her team were so accommodating of all my requests and they really did well in making sure that my wedding was the wedding of my dreams.

DJ – Gino V

I used to party with DJ Gino V a lot when I was younger and so it was natural that we would get him because he knows all of the music that my generation wants to hear at a party.

I think that that’s one of the big reasons also why people stayed a long time after the reception.

Everyone was dancing and having fun as drinks kept coming! Everyone was so hyped up that they even asked me if we can turn off the most of the lights so that we can have a club-like space and magically turn the whole ballroom into one.

Wedding Venue – Shangri-la Mactan

I just love that we had our wedding at Shangri-la because their service was impeccable.

Apart from the fact that Shangri-la is Cebu’s premier resort, the team at the Shang went above and beyond in terms of handling service requests.

There could be a few hiccups while the entire wedding was happening but I honestly didn’t feel it because the people the team and everyone who’s been working on the wedding did their best to guarantee a smooth-sailing memorable event for us.

They even coached Slater to offer eggs to the garden to appease the deities and help us pray for the sun while the wedding is going on.

The fact that they cared about even the tiniest detail of my wedding added so much value to the entire experience.

Our wedding was a product of a lot of people’s effort and expertise. Everyone in the event did their part and I really can’t say otherwise.

I know that I have a longer list to make if I were to include everyone I’m grateful for – and if I failed to mention you in this blog specifically, please know that our families and most importantly, Slater and I are eternally thankful for you.

From the bottom of our hearts, we are very grateful for everyone who were in the wedding and we hope that you enjoyed the day that we shared our special day.


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  1. Congratulations on your wedding! I looked forward to it like how I look forward to graduation day! Haha! Also getting married this year 😊 I’d like to know, if it’s okay, where you got the nighties of your bridesmaids? I love em!

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