April 18, 2021

I got an infection

What is this I see on today’s thumbnail? Kryz left the house??? Lol yes my friends. When it’s necessary- I do (eventually) leave the house. This time, I left to see the doctor. How funny that Health seems to be the only reason I even risk going out 😅 the irony.

In the last vlog I did, you guys saw how bothered I was with my red itchy eye- and guess what??? It turns out I really had an eye infection. After that last video, my eyes got progressively worse. I’d rub and rub and wake up in the middle of the night just to rub some more. It was the worst! I’ve consulted with Dr. Steve, my childhood friend, who is a doctor at ACES clinic. He diagnosed me with either bacterial or viral conjunctivitis and gave me some meds to help soothe my symptoms. Hopefully my eyes are getting better as we speak!

If you guys need some love for your eyes too, you can contact Dr. Steve here:

ACES Contact Number



URL: http://aceseye.com

FB: facebook.com/aceseyeclinic

IG: aceseyeclinic

Email: info@aceseye.com

TELECONSULT: https://econsult.cloudmd.com.ph/


Watch the full video here:

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