Inside #SunniesVacay

Taking you guys with me to the most FOMO inducing beach vacay to happen this summer- the Sunnies Vacay! Think perfect weather, merch overload, instagrammable everything and your favorite internet people all under one… hashtag. It was super fun, mostly because I have a million pretty photos to share- but REALLY because of a certain someone who made the weekend super epic and full of LOLs. Can you guess who? Stay tuned for my hilarious #SunniesVacay vlog coming for you this Sunday!

Stayed at the Lind Hotel in Boracay and walked into a room full of merch! 😱 Whoohoo!

A hundred degrees but can’t resist this beautiful beach!

So super sam might possibly be the hottest DJ ever.

First day sunset cocktail outfit. Of course, February bag!

A million selfies later, I see a huge full length mirror on the beach front. Time to take some more?

Prettiest dinner set up, yes? Those plants are the perfect addition!

It’s never a vacay without happy hour!

When a few of you decide to jump in the water and seconds later everyone joins in 😅 I love how everyone was super game!

Couldn’t resist!

All aboard the Sunnies Yacht!

Such a beautiful bunch of people!

Glad I wasn’t alone in my pigtail party. Who says we have to grow up?

Thanks to theΒ Sunnies team for the very photogenic weekend!

You guys will want to wait up for my vlog this Sunday, swear 😜