February 2, 2020

January Favorites 2020

Hi friends! It’s THAT time of the month again where I create my little list and do a quick round-up of the products I have been loving. Is it just me or did January feel like foreeeever? It’s like we were in a constant loop of time! I hope all of you are well and safe wherever you are, despite all the crazy things that have been happening the past few weeks.

Below are all the products that I’ve been religiously using the past month- from the new skin care products that I started using during the start of my pregnancy to my favourite play station game (I KNOW, right?) 


  • ESTEE LAUDER REVITALIZING SUPREME : This product has been my holy grail for the past few months now. I switched to this moisturizer the moment I knew I was pregnant and its done wonders for my skin since.


  • ORIBE GOLD LUST HAIR OIL: I’ve been using both products separately right after my shower and when I style my hair but didn’t expect it would do wonders when I mix them in together! I learned the tip from a hair stylist who did my hair when I went to South Korea last December. I never felt my hair this healthy – especially the ends! Definitely a life saver tip especially for those who tend to have dry & frizzy hair.


  • STARSKIN MASK PAD: If you’ve been following my #SkyMommajourney, you would know how much I’ve been struggling with my pregnancy. This product has helped me move fast when I’m not in the mood to get ready. Instead of following my usual 10-step routine, this 7-in-1 pad is my go to for lazy days.


  •  PALMER’S SKIN THERAPY OIL:  This product has now been a staple in my body care routine. It’s a preventive product for stretch-marks and so far, so good! Anyone here wanna see my body care routine?


  • AVEENO SKIN RELIEF LOTION: I have extremely dry skin on my body- like sand paper levels. This dermatologist recommended product is safe to use for sensitive skin, fragrance free and meant to sooth dry skin. I love how it is extra thick – so it keeps your skin hydrated through out the day!


  • BABY PLUS: Something I’ve been trying out lately. It was lent to me by my sister, Diane.  This device is a mini sound machine that produces different heartbeat sounds thats supposed to calm the baby. A lot of people have shared their positive reviews saying that there is a big difference in their child’s growth and they excel well in school too. Worth a shot! I’ve noticed baby boy moves a lot during my Baby Plus sessions- and i love that feeling!


  • CARTIER LOVE BRACELET: Slater gave this to me as a birthday, christmas, anniversary and push present in one! I’ve been wanting one for years but I could never justify buying it for myself. It was so sweet of Slater to go out of his way to find this for me. We don’t really give each other gifts- especially gifts of this sort- but his effort in getting it really melted my heart.


  • TEKKEN 7: The feeling of victory when I can finally say that I’m much better at playing this game than Slater IS REAL! If smashing buttons is your jam, you’ll love this too lol


  • BRINGING UP BEBE BY PAMELA DRUCKERMAN: My book favorite this month mostly talks about parenting techniques. It mainly discusses how an American parents’ way of raising their child is completely different from how French parents’ do it. It’s a good read for expecting moms like me who still want to have a life after giving birth, as it stresses on little ways you do to make your child more independent from you. I highly recommend this book!

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  1. Im currently using the aveeno lotion the green one. When I found out that I have sensitive skin, the doctor recommended this product and I use this for almost 3 years na.

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