Kryz Uy for SMART Bro

AAAAAAHHHH I can finally spill the beans!!!! It’s been eating me up for a month to not be able to tell you guys, but I guess the wait is worth it. I can not be more excited to show you my latest TV Commercial and campaign for SMART Bro, the Philippines’ leading communications network. (!!!!!) I am beyond happy and super blessed to be given the opportunity to be part of this amazing experience. I’ve been a Smart user for a long time now, and more than always having signal during my travels (especially in Caramoan, where Smart is the only network available, YES!), and loving the ease of each transaction, I’ve also become part of a very loving Smart Cares family. So to Abbie, Tob, Kim and all the other members of Smart’s Digital Arm, THANK YOU for trusting me with this huge campaign!Β I promise to tell you guys about what went on behind the scenes at this shoot (funny anecdotes and the reason why my legs are 3 shades of tan await), but for now, while I am in my hotel room in Korea unable to access those files and still giddy about the launch, let me fill you guys in on what exactly the Smart Bro Dashboard is:

1. It’s a portal for PrePaid (Post Paid soon) subscribers to easily manage your account.

2. The Smart Bro Dashboard will allow users to:

-Check your load and subscriptions

-Subscribe to (Flexitime, Unlisurf, Always On, LTE packages)

-See internet usage and charging, giving users a worry-free internet experience

Notification will be sent to subscribers when their load/package expires or they go out of the free area.

-Use fee social networking feeds of Facebook and Twitter

So, how do we access this amazing portal?Β For new subscribers, just plug in your Smart Bro Plug-it or connect to your Smart Bro Pocket Wifi and open your browser and the dashboard will automatically pop out. For existing subscribers, dashboard will appear upon expiration of bucket or zero balance. Or just access it through here.

Β Hope you guys can try it and see what all this hype is about! Support naman! LOL and now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for- TANANANANNNN I present to you, 18 long hours of labor (and more for the crew!) for this 30s TVC! Enjoy!