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Life Update

To all my OG blog readers that are still with me today- aloha! I’m still alive! I know I don’t update you guys via “Kryz Homilies” as much these days, but today, I felt like turning off the camera, and grabbing my keyboard instead. Feels good to be back to a more comfortable medium!

A few days ago, I was with some of my relatives that I hadn’t seen in quite some time and they all flocked around me in a circle and asked me a myriad of questions about my upcoming wedding and home. “Who’s making your dress?,” “Is it sponsored?,” Where are you having the wedding?,” When?,” “How about the entourage,?” The Cake?,” “Decor?” It went on and on and on, and I found myself slowly inching myself behind my dad in a sad effort to conceal myself. Why? I felt so incredibly self conscious at all this attention given to me. Now that’s a statement you wouldn’t normally expect from an Instagrammer/Youtuber.

For someone who posts so much of herself online, asking people to notice, it would seem like I’d already be used to this. My relatives thought it was so weird that I couldn’t handle their attention, when in fact so many people give me that same attention a thousandfold every single day. But then I realized- I was a blogger first, social media content creator/influencer/youtuber/online persona second. I don’t do it for the attention, and I never did.

When I started blogging 9 years ago (OMG a moment of silence for my rapidly declining youth, please), I did it for myself, even when no one was watching. When people around school started to notice my blog, I did it because I liked sharing my experiences and my outfits. I did it becuase I genuinely enjoyed it and because I knew that no matter what judgements people had about my posts, at the end of the day, I was still me, in my bed, wearing my PJs, typing up words on my laptop.

Fast forward to close to a decade later, and here we are. Im guessing (correct me if I’m wrong) that most of the people reading this right now have seen the growth from teeny bopper kryz to tita kryz, and have come along and grown with me. If I’m right- hugs to you and thanks for sticking around all these years! If I’m wrong- welcome to my blog!!! I used to write essays here every single day! (I also really abuse my exclamation points and parentheses)

I can’t believe I used to write about my outfits (complete with detail shots) every single day- before OOTDs were even a thing. I mean… HOW OLD AM I??? And now, I can’t even be bothered to wear heels unless its a very very very VERY special occasion. I used to NEVER leave the house without make up (even when we went on beach trips or even to the gym!), and now, I only wear make up when I absolutely have to, or when I’m shooting some new content. My my how things have changed.

So here’s my life update: I’m on my 28th year on this planet, lazy AF when it comes to getting glammed up or impressing people, and 10x more at peace with myself than ever before. I am engaged to the love of my life, and spending weekends shopping for home furniture and bar carts that cost waaay too much. I’ve learned that it’s best to travel comfortably- even if that means spending a bit more, and travelling to less places. Spending on comfort and experiences > bags or shoes (please file under: things I wish I knew when I was 20). I enjoy healthy cafes and poke bowls and haven’t had fast food willingly in years. I like coffee. A lot of it. (And I’m a bad b*tch in the morning if I don’t get my breakfast and coffee in- so sue me.) I turn off my phone after my last posts and hardly ever scroll through my social media feed (unless I feel like giving my friends a liking spree! We all need a boost of affirmation sometimes!) Family and friends come first, everything else comes second. My eyesight is becoming worse and worse- so forgive me if I don’t see you and say hi- I’m blind without glasses. I’ve learned the art of not giving a f*ck, especially when it comes to a.) people I don’t care about, b.) things I can’t control. Therefore, you may all welcome a new and improved zen Kryz. I really don’t crack under pressure (Thank you Mr. Mark Manson, and Mr. Eckhart Tolle) I work 60% of the day, read 5% of the day, have me time (gym/snacks/pamper myself) 5% of the day, spend time with friends and family for the rest.

I am so contented with my life, I can’t even begin to ask for anything else. And yes, I feel #blessed AF.

I wonder though, have you guys changed too?

Let me know what your life updates are! Be as honest and as raw as possible. I’d appreciate the weird bits too! Missed you guys!

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  1. Wooow!! It’s been so long since I’ve longed for an OG blog post as this too ahahah. I understand where you’re coming froma te Kryz especially since you did mention na you really love writing. This is the reason why I became a fan– your writing (because it’s so good! you can write and write and still have something to say you know what I mean? haha lol). Anyway, just like you ate Kryz, I’ve stopped thinking so much about what to post on my social media accounts so much that I don’t even get bothered when someone unfollows me anymore! (this in response to one of your vids) and also just taking everything one day at a time.

    Really loved this blog post of yours ate Kryz and can’t wait sa inyo wedding!! Congratulations again and GOD bless always! ♥

    1. Thanks so much for patiently waiting Shem!!! And thanks for the compliment about my writing! Glad you too some positive nuggets out of my videos 🙂 Thanks again for all the support!!!

  2. Hi Kryz! I feel weird giving a life update when I’ve been following you for just a year or two. Hehe. I’m Maria Natasha on YT and @prutashatgulay on IG and twitter (hehe thanks for always replying to my comments on YT! I love your vids!) I might have gotten into following you when I was stalking Slater on IG one time. Hehe. Then I completely dropped him and focused on you. Chos! Haha. I still follow him for his IG stories bec I love his humor 😂. I was a struggling med student then and I was amused at this completely different world you were in and was so interested too! Then you had youtube! That was where I really followed you bit by bit! You’re so honest and real but I go here to your blog bec I once attempted to have one but utterly fail myself with my words. I totally understand and also feel the need to write essays on what is going with my life (but I keep it in my journal) so I love this post hehe.No, I am a (struggling) postgraduate medical intern here in Cebu! (Hope to bump into you for a photo sometime!) and spends my free time watching YT vids and scrolling endlessly on IG and twitter. I used to dance back then, i loved it! But now I can’t make time for it 😦. Still, whatever change we went through, we can all be grateful and try to “Remember the time when we were just praying for what we have now?” Hehe. I did an essay too! God bless on wedding preps and house building Kryz!

    1. Hahaha kawawa naman si Slater, na drop 😛 Glad to have you in the family tho!! You seem so good with words, you should give it a shot! And same feels about dance. We’re so alike!!! Thanks for the kind words! Love that quote!

  3. Ahhh omg super missed reading on your blog! I always went here since 2012 and excited whenever you have new posts. I’m so happy that I’ve seen you grow since that time. Just want to say that you really inspire me a lot. (I hope you remember me tho hehe) Thank you for making me feel better (whenever I’m down) through your inspiring captions on Instagram – that means a lot! And for all the good vibes videos on your YouTube channel; a different side of Kryz that people didn’t knew behind all your polished looks on the gram. I started blogging way back 2013 because of you and the Blogger Besties, so inspired with all of you! Started it as a hobby then turned into passion. And until now, I’m still into it and forever grateful that I came to that platform and became the person I am now 💕

  4. At lassssst! You have now made a written blog. I usually scroll over your blog but since most of those are alreaady vlogs, i cannot enjoy since youtube and other social media are blocked in our office’s connection. I wish you all the better and best things in life Miss Kryz. I hope to see you with Slater again and again whether in SM Cebu or at the airport. I always feel lucky whenever I can see you elsewhere in Cebu. Gwapa and cute kaayo ka samot na magkuyog mo ni Slater. I also look forward to your future babies. Whaaaa ♥ God bless you and your future family.

    1. I knowww its so refreshing!!! Takes time kase to sit, write and gather my thoughts! And I feel like videos also show a side that you can’t get from writing! Thank you for the support and kind words!!! Hehe

  5. Since I turned 18 this year also the start of my college years, there are lots of things that needed to be done such as government stuff (#adulting HAHAHA) and adjusting to a new school- new community. Physically, I’m not confident on my skin and I have amblyopia, then I realized when I am on my 10th grade I must embrace these traits because this is the gift that I can use to inspire others. There are people out there who have the same attributes as mine or other attributes that they are not proud of and I want to show them that if I can embrace it, I’m sure they can too! Lastly, mentally and emotionally, I panicked every time there’s an obstacle that needed to be conquered, today, I can somehow control myself with this saying: “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

    So far, that is the best changes I am thankful for with the help of my family, friends, peers, and God. Thank you for this post, Ate Kryz!

    1. What government stuff do you need to do in your teens?? I’m so curious. Haha. And yes, you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. And you shouldn’t feel insecure at all. You have so much to offer the world that no one else can. Take control of that and be the best version of yourself!

  6. Hi Kryz! Been here since 2012 but I know I don’t comment as much as I can. hehe but will always be your reader. 🙂 reading this makes me realize something in my life now. Fyi, I started blogging and you are one of the reasons. And now, I am still in my blogging hiatus because of something I really can’t explain and it really bothers me. I started my College Journey last June 25 and I can say that I am still adjusting to it, because I can say that I am so SHOCKED upon entering a University. I know life must go on and I should thankful for all the things happening to me now. I just want to Thank You for being there (i mean your BLOG and YOUTUBE CHANNEL) that sometimes lift me up whenever I am so down on myself. I love youuu. And I am looking forward for more on a personal side of your blogs. 🙂

    xoxo KATRIN

  7. It’s been a while when some of my friends are using their IG account and I keep on asking who’s personalities they are following. Until such time, when one of my officemate keep on saying ” jul tan.awa ang feeds ni kryz uy nice asta eya website. ” and I found it out when I visit your website. It’s such a nice and inspiring one! Everytime I visit your blog it always gives me positive vibes that can light up my day! Wishing you happiness! for your upcoming new chapter of your life being a married one!

  8. Ahhh I’ve always loved reading your blog posts, it even inspired me to have my own for a while, but I lost it because of inactivity and I wasn’t paying so blogspot just got rid of it 😭 . You truly are one of the originals with blogging and being an influencer, you had such a big following even before instagram was so big and before your vlogs on YouTube and that’s because of your talent and charm! Thanks for not getting tired of writing and sharing that with us. 💕

  9. I’m so happy for you Kryz! Been following you online since my elementary years (and I’m now 21!). Nagka-gwapa and blooming jud ka. I remember the first and the last time I saw you personally in St. Therese Parish in Lahug, teenybopper pajud ka ato and wearing Glitterati-like fashion pieces (I hope I make sense). Pwede pa ka ato mga Total Girl cover girl hahahaha. Now iz a tita na ka. Congrats on your engagement! And I really wish makakita ko nimo sa Cebu doing mundane stuff, I would not approach but just stare like a lovestruck teen ra haha. Cheers to amazing life! 🍷

  10. This is just heartfelt. I totally agree that there will come a time that we’ll all just change. And that is so fine.

    I’m a newbie follower of yours on Youtube and I must say, I really enjoy your content. You are right, you’re not for the attention and thats what I thought of you after watching most of your vlogs. Which made me like it more!

    God bless you heart, Kryz.

    All the best in everything and life in future.


  11. I love you more when you turned into more free-spirited, very positive, kind to yourself and just enjoy life kind of person! 😊 I know for sure Slater has a lot of influence to you 😉 I am sooooo happy that you’ll be sticking to each other together forever! Love you 💕

  12. Anuman pagbabago sayo o magbago. Support all the way. Cant wait to see your wedding post very soon! Ang aga ko lang maexcite hehe. Love love Krizzy!

  13. I’m just so happy to be reading your blog post again. I can still remember the times when I would binge-read your posts everytime I don’t have a class. My friends even called me your stalker because I can’t stop talking about you. Lol
    Anyway, I love how you’ve grown into a woman you are now. You’re such an inspiration for us who will be going thru the same stage as yours soon. And as you evolved, my style has evolved too. I would only wear jeans and tees in school before but now that I’m working, would spend so much time planning my outfit. Lol #latebloomer sa fashion industry. I sometimes complain in the morning that I have nothing to wear and my mom would answer “why don’t you just throw all your clothes?” Hahaha
    So ganun lang ang life. So happy that you’re back ms. Kryz. 😍😘 I love you!

      1. The pleasure is mine Kryzzzie. I don’t comment here as often but I still do on social media pero I really try my best to visit the blog from time to time. After all, dito nagsimula ang inspiration ko.
        Nag retire na pero super ganda parin. Forever style icon kita, swear. 🙂

  14. Hiii Kryz! I’ve been one of your OG readers since 2012 and since then, there’s just something about you that’s so impossible not to like. You’re just so likeable in every way. Thanks for inspiring a teen like me and for just being real and honest. I appreciate it a lot 💛 As for me, the older I get, just like you, I became more confident with my flaws and started to become more comfortable in my own skin. I also realized that me and my friends are starting to get a lot more matured to the point that we talk about adulting things like finding a dorm for uni, cooking our own food, dealing with anxities and such. It also feels like everything’s so fast paced. But I realized that once I disconnected from sns, and spent my whole day w/o it, it felt like I was able to enjoy the present even more and felt like the time went slow. Well, that’s it for me hehe

    Good luck in everything that you do and PS, I hope we’ll meet one day 😭✨

    1. Thanks so much Yurika, thats so sweet of you to say. I really do hope we meet someday as well! Goodluck with your new journey in life!

  15. Omg. So nice to read a life update from you! 😍 even though I know some of the things here already because I follow you on IG and watch your YouTube videos, it’s still nice to read it all here on your blog. ❤️ as for me, if there’s something changed, that would be my posting and using IG. I can now go not using IG for a week. 😂

  16. “Most of the people reading this right now have seen the growth from teeny bopper kryz to tita kryz, and have come along and grown with me”, this line struck me most. Wooow! Gimingaw ko ani da♥ I started reading here when I was in college. From ukay-ukay hunting so that I have something to wear during washdays, now I just shop in the mall may brand na yan (perks of the corporate life tsar) whenever I needed esp office attire. Before I used to wear crop tops, tank tops and racer back now I’m more conservative because I gained so much weight started when I was assign to work on a night shift. From being so serious to post something for social media, now so lazy to do it I’d rather scroll down and up then like or sometimes I just spent my extra time to take a rest. When I had my first sweldo, I splurge it for shopping clothes, make up, night outs, foods that I crave and etc. Now, I set aside some on my savings, groceries and I even invested a lot. From buying personally clothes in the mall now sa online shopping na lang even if Ayala is just walking distance from our house haha. Thank God my parents don’t ask something from me, for they understand that I should enjoy what I worked for aweee ♥ before I have so much time to see each other with my friends now I can’t easily attend to this because I’m so busy with my work and I’m not alone most of us is also busy na jod. Why adulting is so very hard? Anyways, taasa nas akong comment uy hahaha! Congrats in advance and good luck Kryz for your next adventures in life. Gotchu always :* Let’s get old together! Hahahaha 😀

    1. Thanks for sticking around all these years Klah!!! We are all adulting slowly and growing together. Thats the most important! 🙂

  17. Tho I just knew things about you recently, I know and Im pretty certain you are such a good and an amazing person, Kryz (I wont even call you ate, tho Im 21 cos damn you look so young, like my age ganern huhu i crie) and even tho I wasnt there when you just started all of this, Im happy to have known you na rin by reading all of your blogposts. And one thing’s for sure now, I support you now, tomorrow and for the rest of my life haha You and Slater. Damn, plus maka proud kay taga Cebu pud mong duha, like you’re so near yet so far away haha Anyway, I’ll see you both na unta soon. In God’s time. More blessings to come your way, Kryz and may you continue to be a blessing to others.
    So much love, Noela.

  18. Early morning and I can say this made my day. I’ve been struggling with myself for the past few weeks and this entry made me realize a lot of things. Thank you for sharing your experiences and life with us. More power to you. ♥️

  19. I love reading your blog! I’m so glad to see and read how much you grew as a person. Good luck with your future work and hopefully we can read another amazing blog post soon! 🙂

  20. Aloha, Miss Kryz, To be honest, I’m just a newbie here. I followed you on IG, YT, Twitter, and this blog of yours more than one year ago. Though I’m just new fam here, I felt like I was with your journey then by just watching your 1st ever YT video (that CADS thingy) 🙂 and also reading your previous blogs, I felt like I am part of the fam since then, Hehe. I didn’t even regret following you cuz u gave such a big impact on me, I learned from u and from the blogger besties what really fashion is, how to love myself whatever flaws I have, to ignore negativity and embrace positive thoughts, and also I’m now embracing myself to read and read and to write and express my feelings, i’m not into this before but thanks to you guys I learned all of this. Anyways just wanted to thank u again for being so kind to us, you shared your life, thoughts, love and bring us to be the best version of ourselves. Like version 2.0, hehe 🙂 Love lots. <3 <3 And looking forward to more blogs to read, vlogs to watch, and photos to like, <3
    Oops! this is quite long already. hehe. I'll end this speech and just send you a virtual hug. Xo.Xo. Miss Kryz, Hope to see you soon. <3

    1. Ahh glad to have you part of the family! OMG you watched my CADs dances nakakahiya haha 🙂 Thank you so much for sticking around and I hope to see you soon as well!

      1. Yaaah, I watched all your vlogs from the very beginning up to present 🙂 you’re a good dancer though. Love you Kryzzzie. Forevs. <3 See ya soonest.

  21. Soo happy to read your posts! I’ve been following you for over 8 years and i feel like i can relate to you (despite me not being an influencer nor a blogge and despite living on the extreme bottom side of the world). I’ve seen you grown and your achievement is extraordinary(i’m as old as you and i can definitely say that i haven’t done half of what u did). Congrats Kryz and all the best for the future!
    P.s i hope to read more even when you will be too busy raising your 5 kids😂

  22. I’m so inspired to see how you’ve blossomed! I’m working harder everyday to grow into a more Zen version of myself. And I am so happy to find a model in you. Although I’ve only been a fan for less than 4 years, I feel like I still see how you’ve grown from (binge) reading your old posts.
    Thank you for inspiring us!

  23. Awwww, so proud of you Kryz. You always represent the image of a great woman. I can relate to l these changes and self developments you’ve mentioned. I think the majority of us experience these teenage years > adulthood stage changes. It’s great reminiscing the old days, remembering those stupid but fun experiences we had then switching to reality #adulting. Cheers to all the hardships and life lessons we’ve conquered! Love you always Kryz ! <3

  24. Super relate with your post 🙂 Hindi ako masyadong nakakavisit dito sa blog mo but I’m an avid fan in IG and Twitter. I am so happy for you because you feel contented in life and you have a balanced life. When I was in college, I prefer to eat in fast food also, but now I really want to become healthy and focus on taking care of myself. I am enjoying my simple life in the province of Cavite and I prefer to roam around our province to visit new coffee shop to sit and relax while reading my favorite book or sometimes talk with my bestfriend about future plans like marriage, babies or family. I think we are all matured now and it makes me happy because we are all growing and achieving our dreams in life. 🙂 Keep inspiring other people Ms. Kryz and may the Lord bless you more 🙂 :*

  25. Hi Kryz. I am 30 and just like you i am getting married soon. Right now we are getting busy complying the church and legal requirements for the wedding. Didn’t know getting married is such a hassle! lol
    I have lots of reasons to be envious with your status in life especially now that we encounter financial crisis with my fiance as we prepare for our wedding, however i chose to be appreciative of the blessings that i have instead of looking and searching for the things that i do not have. I was telling my fiance, magpakasal na si Kryz Uy ug si Slater Young hon, maayo pa sila murag wala na problema sa kwarta, ready na pa jud ang house after sa wedding. Haaayyyy…. But anyhow, i am happy for you Kryz. May you continue doing what you love to do and God Bless our respective unions.

    1. Ahhh I still have to do all of that!!! And don’t think that. We are always thinking of budget and many other concerns that “normal people” don’t deal with. We just don’t discuss our dirty laundry online! There are so many things we stress about as well!

  26. YAY! Nice kaayo ni nga entry dah! Grabe, sa una pa ko gabasa sa imong thirstythought nga wordpress pa. 😀 I can’t wait to see you in your wedding dress!

  27. Being at peace with yourself is something that we all must strive to be. Being contented (constructively, not to the point of being stagnant) is so important. And I must say, you’ve come a long way. You’re way past insecurities and I’m happy for you. Cheers to that!

  28. I was so happy when I bumped into your website 9 years ago. I was even more happier when you had your app available but then it was discontinued and that left me crestfallen (for a couple of days and I moved on knowing that I can still access it via the website hihi). Then came your YouTube channel, the book… You are an amazing woman, Kryz. You’ve always been the woman I look up to.

    This year has been so challenging for me but thanks to Mark Manson (I’m so ecstatic that you’ve read it… waaah!) he helped me sort out my fucks. I’ve read self-help books for the past couple of months and in some ways, it helped me become more aware of my true self, of the must’s and should’s of my life.

    Thank you, for you are one of my reminders that there’s more to do, more to see, and more to life.

    Always continue to be a blessing to everyone. ❤️️

    Can’t wait for the wedding day!!! 🤵👰

    1. Hi Joanne!! Wowww its been so long!!! <3 Yes, the app is long gone- but it's cause the company who handled it also closed down 🙁 Sad. Thanks for being so positive and for all the support all these years!!!

  29. Hi Kryz! Kakamiss nga yung everyday blog post mo before with your witty titles depending on your outfit. I remember that plus yung outfit detail shots. Then you creatively putting them together in a collage for lookbook. Ghat was also my peg when I started using IG and joined lookbook as well. Although I am happy and very much contented seeing you in IG and Youtube! I’m Vallee. 26 years of age. Working in a bank for 5 years already. Started following your blog in 2012. We had to look for shops who’d like to place their clothes on our site as an advertisement and I guess that led me to you! That job lasted for 2 months though. Then my unexpected career started as a banker. I wasn’t really into it since I took Communication and zero units in accounting. My mom was persistent but also very supportive which is why I think I lasted this long in the bank haha. I was already working in a bank when I met you personally in 2014 in SM Megamall for the Butterfly Twists event. You were such a pretty petite girl wearing shorts, heels, statement necklace and a hat! You have a maleta pa since you came from the airport. Things never change…Flying in and out of Cebu and Manila haha. You said pa nga that you were shy. But you really wanted to get to know us. One girl was from Ateneo so you talked about profs etc. I also remember you told me and a few other girls in our little chat to not eat fast food. You also shared your story as an editorial assistant when I brought up my interest to work in a magazine. I met Kuya Wilson there for the first time too haha. He took our photo with all the other girls! Then I met you again when we had dinner in Unit 27 for your 7th year blog anniversary. I still saw the pretty face and great fashion sense. But I felt that you were already more confident of yourself. Kami naman yung shy haha. I really enjoyed listening to your stories. Hanggang ngayon pa rin naman, thru IG stories and your vlog. Random life updates: 1) I’m still happily single (since birth). 2) Like you, I’m becoming a tita na rin choosing sneakers over heels. 3) I want to become healthier and stronger. I’ve tried indoor cycling starting this January and so far, so good. It is just expensive so I’m planning on looking at other options where I won’t push my body over what it can take while enjoying it. Saka I can only alot weekends for my workout so dapat sulit. 4) I took a hosting workshop recently! My dream job is actually to become a host, model and vlogger. Started hosting this Saturday for my cousin’s debut. Although I definitely have room for improvement, my family and relatives were more than happy with my hosting. Sorry for this long update/brief walk down memory lane haha. See yah soon Kryz!

    1. Hi Vallee!!! Haha OMG YES, my indie title days. 😛 Woww so nice hearing about you! I realized I always talk about myself but I’ve never really asked you how you are in person!!! Sorry about that. But I do remember all the moments we’ve hung out- that recent one pa in Podium! And I still have the gift you gave me 🙂 Appreciate you very much. HAPPY FOR YOU and hope you pursue and excel in hosting! You can do it!!!

      1. Thanks Kryz! No need to be sorry! Since you asked us for updates, ayun napakwento ako haha. I also appreciate all the moments we’ve seen each other! They were always to look back to! And I’m always looking forward to the next.❤️

  30. Awwe. Nakita jud nako ang changes. Good changes 😍 And yes I still remember the always smokey eye makeup Kryz. Hihi. But through these changes we feel that we became closer with you. We can now easily interact with you through social media. And now that you’re Tita Kryz and soon to be Mrs. Young (Buti di same sa CrazyRichAsian hahaha) we’re still here to support you hantod sa hantod. Love you always Ms. Kryz! Continue to be an inspiration and a blessing to others ❤️❤️

      1. Haha. You look fresher and younger with natural make up. But even before you’re really so gwapa! Hihi. Hope you can create a vlog soon showing your other passions like dancing. Sana with Slater din. Haha. Love you for always Ms. Kryz ❤️

  31. Finally a blog post! OG reader here :p You have no idea how much I’ve missed your blog even though i always watched your vlogs. I loved how this blog is just you being you. Almost a decade and still this blog is so good af. Thank you for still interacting with your readers/viewers despite how busy you are esp now, you getting married soon. And of course no matter how things have changed, for a better ofc I’m still here to continue to support you all the way. Continue to be an inspiration to each and everyone in this world. Love you forever xx

    1. Hi Jolene. Weird, i was just emailing you! Thank you so much for being so understanding and for sticking around all these years. I really appreciate it!

  32. Ahhhh namiss ko to Kryz! Finally a blog post! I’ve been following/reading your blog for almost five years now and I’m very much happy for you being the person you are right now – loving every bit of your life and caring for people and things that really matter. It’s true that change is inevitable but that’s how life gets more exciting! 🙂 May you continue to be an inspiration and a blessing to everyone! God bless you Kryz! <3

  33. Wow! I can see it from a so kikay girl turned to kikay lady na hahaha so happy for you amidst the changes you have experienced. I never regret a single time of being a fan of yours and I could still be a fan even after 10 years from now til your vlogs will soon become mother’s diary. Love you Kryz!

  34. You are still one of my favorite bloggers. I’m not into fashion, but I always tell people that I like your blogging style (which I find the same as mine) so even if you post about all the other fashion stuff, I feel engaged because I like the personality, the voice in how you write, then when you went to vlogs, I felt happy for you for having a biggger platform. I did miss reading posts and looking at photos from your blog! Your first post I’ve read was when you were in Canada with your sister and full of photos of cafes. Love it and it felt an affirmation on my part hat hey, someone also posts things like these. I’m not alone. 😂😂😂 we are happy for you!!! I don’t usually fan girl-but you are one worth blogger to be a fan of. 😁

  35. Read this by heart, missed reading post from you blog. This are the lessons we learn as we go grow old. the Pics seems to be so raw. Love them.

    *beep good to know you’re very happy and okay in the Planet, turned 25 this month, rarely scrolling my social media feed to, but I do sometimes, happy I had a top fan badge from yAlso gour Fb page hahaha. ot a new job 3 months ago.

    Namiss ko talaga ang Entry mo!

  36. It’s good to read this kind of content. It makes you think “we’re not getting any younger, have you really changed? I mean, as you grow old, were you able to accept, discover, and love who you really are?”

    And thanks for making me realize (AGAIN) that I have everything I need within me. I’m so much happier with my life now.

    You are amazing, Ms. Kryz! Thank you so much ❤

  37. I enjoy your youtube channel but I actually really miss this man diay. I miss your blog! When I’m not very busy I will read your oldest posts just to reminisce. 😂 I learned so much from your blog and your formspring (omg OG! Haha), so I’m really thankful. One day I’ll probably say it to you na gyud — IRL! Kay we’ve met several times but always too shy to introduce myself. Maybe someday! Haha

    Risheila Llyn

  38. Nakita ko lang po kayong sumasayaw sa Gabi ng sayawan at naging fan nyo na po ako. Thank you for sharing your life with us. More power! Looking forward to your beautiful house and great-looking offsprings.

  39. After reading your post.. I asked myself too.. “what about me? What’s my life update?” I like the part when you said something about the art of not giving a f*ck. I totally agree on the a and b. Thank you Kryz for being such a wonderful inspiration on being real and being so transparent in this world full of mean people and where likes on social media matters.

  40. After reading this beautiful post, I took a deep breath and looked up. YES, I have changed too, Kryz! I have changed a WHOLE LOT! I changed in a beautiful and crazy (that’s how I normally describe the opposite of beautiful.haha) manner. And despite all life’s changes, I knew in my heart I grew gracefully. Just like how I saw Thirstythought and your YT channel grew amazingly! I can still remember how you rocked those chunky heels in a super short shorts or mini skirt; and now, how you grew to be classy and elegant woman. The one thing I always appreciate in you is your love and appreciation to your craft; that includes appreciating us as your readers/viewers, Yes, you may always be showing us just the good side of your day but we always appreciate how genuine that was. You never fail to let us know that you’re real; that you can be a friend to us even though we’re just speaking through this four-cornered box of comment. Thank you Kryz for sharing a piece of your life with us. Thank you for inspiring us to be more real and sincere. Saranghaeyo! <3

  41. Hi Ate Kryz! I’m your 2018 viewer,liker and reader. You’re such an inspiration,as in!!!I do love all your posts, yung sa IG and YouTube, recently na lang dito sa blog ( hindi ko kase alam hihihi) Haven’t seen you in person but I’m imagining that your very REAL, as in yung pala tawa and easy to approach. I’m turning 24 next week, hope you read this and greet me. Love you Ate Kryz. ❤️❤️❤️

  42. “Spending on comfort and experiences > bags or shoes (please file under: things I wish I knew when I was 20).”

    Since I’m 18 years old ate kryz maybe I should start reading those kind of stuff (and I’ve searched again for the teeny kryz blog) hahahaha

    And it’s because I start to become Kryzbee (lol) when you’re the Tita Kryz na hahahahha but #nottoolate

    cause what you share on the blog and in the vlog is something I reflect on and telling to myself that there’s always more to life, and there’s more to experience so If right now I’m 18 I’m focusin on self-acceptance, self-growth and knowing myself more then while I’m on my journey maybe it’s time to enjoy my life with my family and friends too

    while I’m still young and only school, aral, bahay (I reflected from your post hahaha)


    1. YESSS enjoy life at 18. EXPERIENCE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! You are free and the world is your oyster! Don’t take things too seriously. You’ll never be this carefree again!!!

  43. Aaawww. Reading this post now made me realize how long I have been following you! It all started when I was 2nd year college and now it’s been 6 years since I graduated! I’m proud to say that I’ve seen you grow as a woman by following your adventures here (I used to read every single post here when videos are not yet a thing as a content). Glad that you can leave the house now make-up free when you are sharing before that you can’t live your life without lining your eyes even if you’re going to the beach.

    I’ve always been a silent follower, I saw you just once in your event in Makati and I’m glad I’ve had a chance to take a photo with you and have you signed your book that I bought. It’s been a thrilling journey Kryz, and you’ll always be one of those that I am looking up to. Here’s to better (if not best) days ahead. Cheers!

  44. Hi, Ate Kryz! I’m in the office right now while typing this. Hahaha! Omg. And yes, change is constant. I just graduated from college last April and now I’m currently working. Everything has changed! A few months ago I was just a college student who’s very active in social media – Liking, watching and commenting on your IG posts, youtube vlogs, tweets, reading your blogs and whatnots. I have a lot of time before… Right now, I spend most of my time in the office, a place where stress is just around the corner. Hahaha! Kidding aside. I miss the good old days. But I’m so grateful with everything I have in my life right now. I feel like I’m getting closer to my dreams and goals everytime I wake up in the morning and ending my day productively.

    ANDDD.. I want you to know that you’re one of my inspirations in life. You motivates me to never stop dreaming. I love you, Ate Kryz! I really do. ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Hope you never get tired of seeing my comments in every photos or videos you post. Haha! I’m always here for you, Ate. I love you! ❤

  45. Hay honestly I miss the old times! I remember I was still in 1st/2nd yr HS and I would religiously read your post/s (along with Camille’s and Laureen’s) everyday (thirstythought pa yung url ng blog mo LOL). And when I didn’t have the time, I would “marathon” read on weekends because I was sooo into all of your looks and ganaps~. Now, I’m already working, subaybay parin naman but not as much. I really had so much time back then! 😲

    I understand that creators really have to adapt to the times. But, posts like these are always refreshing. Hope you would do these more often (kahit monthly or when you feel like it) but ofc, no pressure because it’s your personal life after all.

    Much love and respect!

    1. Thanks for that Rianna. Yes, I miss it too! Things were less curated then and there was less pressure too! Will definitely try to post more often!

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