1 year ago

Make Up for the Gym?

Got these Clinique Fit products in the mail and it said they were made especially for the gym. Gym Make Up??? Sounds like that would be hard to make! I decided to put them to the test! Want to see how they held up? Watch and let me know if you would consider buying these for yourself!

1. Clinique Fit Be Matte on The Mat

2. Juno & Co. Microfiber Sponge via Lannel boutique

3. Clinique Fit Lip and Cheek Flush

4. Clinique Fit Workout 24 Hour Mascara

5. Clinique Fit Spray

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  1. Mao jud pag homan ug tan.aw ,, curious lang ko, Downdog ba gihapon nga app imo gamit pag mag yoga ka sa inyuha rang balay kryz? 😊 thanks

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