February 8, 2020

#MommyTalk with My Bestie

Setting up shop at bestie’s house today for a quick little catch-up sesh! She’s just given birth about a month ago, and always giving me pointers on my mom-to-be journey. Even though our schedules are pretty different and pretty tight these days, we do what we can to see each other (and her little dumpling baby too!)

I’m so lucky to have her as my long-time best friend. We’ve literally gone through life together- starting from grade school, to university, to discovering modeling, getting engaged, married and now having kids! It really gets so exciting when you have someone to talk to about the things you’re going through, especially this time around with mommy things and mommy life in general!

Because we’re both so busy now, I decided to bring some Olay Skin Fusion masks to get a little pampering while we catch up. 2-in-1 is the way to go when you’re up to your neck in things to do, right mommies?

We rarely have time to pamper ourselves with a how-many-step-skincare-routine, so I’m whipping out my stash of Olay Skin Fusion Face Masks to save the day. It’s part of their new #OlaySkipCare campaign where you still get to #GlowUpFearlessly despite your hectic schedules. I’ve always been an advocate of taking care of yourself to feel your best and be your best, and that doesn’t ever change- even when life does. #LetItGlow girls! You deserve it.

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