8 years ago

Music Blocks

I can’t live without music. I chose not to have a TV in my room because I figured I won’t have time to watch it anyway, but music is a must. I love listening to music and letting certain songs affect my mood and the way I dress for the day. 8tracks is on all the time, and I love how I can customize my playlists based on my mood or what I’m doing! Because music plays such a big part in my life, I probably have over 6 speakers already, all of them cute, and each of them are all put to good use! One in the bathroom, one in the bed room, one in the study, one in the studio, one in the office and one to bring around. These two I’m holding are my latest acquisitions from iHome that I got from Think About Tomorrow (Find them on Facebook here)! Aren’t they so fabulous? I love their small size, rubberized finish and shocking color! Even the simplest details like that make such a big impact on my mood already! Seeing these speakers at the corner of my eye always reminds me to be happy and to be that pop of color in an otherwise gloomy day. I got both green and pink cause I couldn’t decide which was better! What do you think? Which one is your pick?

SMGTW Jeans, Aldo heels, iHome speakers, Edge Accessories necklace, Gshock watch

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  1. Why is it everytime you dress down, you still look so gorgeous and fab , Miss Kryz? I also love a pop of color and those speakers are great!!

    (It was my birthday and my blog’s first anniversary last Tuesday. Aside from your style, I really envy your writing because your thoughts are well-translated and I could see your sincerity and heart in everything you write. Being one of my fave bloggers, it would mean the world to me if you leave a comment in my anniversary post:
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  2. Music is also my kind of mood-setter. My day wouldn’t be complete without listening to it especially during mornings. The speakers are cute! 🙂

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