3 years ago

My Bachelorette Party in Vegas!

A few years ago, my blogger besties and I were joking around that the first person who gets married in the group needs to have her bachelorette party in Vegas. I never thought that would be me, but life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it to. Turns out, Vegas wasn’t a bad idea at all! Most of my girls flew almost 8000 miles to spend time and celebrate with me in one of the most EPIC WEEKENDS EVER. I had too much fun, and it was all thanks to each and every single one of them!!! They planned and pulled off one surprise after another, and it was just AMAZING.

Special shout out to:

My girl Nicole Andersson for planning the whole itinerary and being our time keeper during the trip. It’s hard to manage a single event and she pulled off 3 whole nights worth of events with 12 girls from all over! I LOVE YOU!!!

My sister, Jack. I know this isn’t your thing but you went ABOVE AND BEYOND for me. Taking care of me 24/7, partying with me, cleaning our room and packing our bags, being our collective brain, when all we wanted to do was hibernate- IBA KA TALAGA!

Camille and Laureen: for being the defacto shot girls and for blowing up all the balloons in the room with Jack for my surprise! Cams for my LIT AF veil, and Laur for my stripper dance lol

Nana, for flying to Vegas and being one of my MVPs- winning every night, kahit may dengue ka lol

The Enciso sisters, for flying to Vegas for just 4 days- despite your busy schedules! I’m so touched you really flew all the way just for me!!! And… Verniece, winner ka rin lol

Trish, for joining a group you barely know and being super game! I know you only came for me cause I forced you and I love you for that!!!

Lissa, for being one of the kindest, truest, most understanding and funniest people in the world. You know I love you so much!

Nicole and Angel who I spent 8 days straight with- MY TRUE MVPs who represented my Cebu life so well. KAYO ANG TOTOONG WINNERS sa trip na to lol BEST MEMORIES!!!!And lastly, my bestie

Gillian, who couldn’t make it but sent all the decor, matching swimmies, sweaters and robes straight from Cebu. We missed you so much!!!

This vlog only documents about 50-60% of the trip, as we kept some moments off cam for privacy reasons, but I still do hope you enjoy watching and celebrating with us! The wait is over- enjoy!

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  1. During that time, I enjoyed watching your IG stories. Lingawa hahaha. I think si Vern yun yung may na story dun sa down under then deleted it right away hahahaha. And in your vlog, even though Nicole was so drunk she’s still want to get her shoe sa escalator. Hahahaha! sa vlog ni Laureen you also try to get it pero natumba naka hahaha

  2. So much joy for you Ate Kryz. Since I’ve followed you in IG and idolized you and your style, you’ve been one of my inspirations. Ganahan sad ko naay party na in ana. Hahahaha ambisyosa ko lang. But, I love how you and you’re friends are so genuine. Love lots Ate Kryz. Maka inspire jud! Looking forward for your wedding.

  3. hello ate Kryz! I love your blogs and you’re one of my inspirations to achieve my dream which is traveling. Goodluckk on your journey!! ❤️

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