My Fitness Routine

As requested, here’s my little fitness routine video that basically explains where I am at right now when it comes to healthy eating, working out and maintaining this lifestyle. It’s hard to do it alone, and I need all the support I can get, so hopefully, we can keep each other in check and join in the #TogetherWeTriumph cause!

What is #TogetherWeTriumph?

#TogetherWeTriumph is a celebration of women all over the world. It is Triumph Lingerie’s new campaign conveying a bold statement of empowerment, of strength, reflected through a series of ‘real life’ moments where kindness and understanding shines through. Be it a woman helping another with her toddler, a friend coming to the aid of another, a hand to pull her up, a time of marriage, a moment of Triumph on stage and a final show of solidarity- moments like these demonstrate that women are stronger together and stronger still when supported by Triumph every day.

Triumph Managing Partner, Markus Spiesshofer comments “It is no secret that behind every women is another woman who inspires and helps her and this is what we want to celebrate. It is also a celebration of our Triumph family. Our employees all over the world who are constantly innovating and crafting lingerie with every woman in mind. Today this message of female empowerment is incredibly relevant and deserves our support.”