September 8, 2021

New gadgets in the #skypod, cleaning make up brushes

A daily vlog once again! So happy today because finally- I have something to unbox! You guys know I haven’t been shopping for my usually suspects in the last year. No more fancy designer bags or shoes for me- It’s all been grocery and baby stuff. It’s been a long while since a purchase has gotten me really excited. Today though, I have 3! They are all gadgets you can use around the house, and are all Kryz approved! We have the Tefal Airfyer, Tefal IXEO+ Garment steamer and my new Apple iMac! What a treat for this mama!

Aside from the usual day to day business, I also show you how I clean and disinfect my make up brushes. This is derma approved and I’m sharing this now for all you girls with sensitive skin. I sincerely do hope this helps you out! If you want links to the stuff I got, listed them down below.



TEFAL Easy Fry Deluxe Air Fryer:

Apple Cart iMAC:

TEFAL IXEO+ Garment Steamer:

HYCLENS brush cleaner:

Brush Cleaning Mat:

Watch the full video here:

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