New Toy

“Welcome to the future”-Mike

A few days ago, I finally got my hands on the all new iPhone 4s! (And matching white case from Moshi to feed my monochrome OCD tendencies) This is my very first iPhone- as I’ve previously been a BB user. I always used to promoted the Blackberry because of the very convenient BBM group chat and the easy way I could tweet and check emails. Well, now with my new iPhone, I have a better point of comparison, and a new verdict. My friends would be happy to hear me say- iPhone WINS hands down over the blackberry! iMessage, iCloud, awesome camera, user friendly, fun apps, clear screen, and of course…Siri:

There are so many reasons why the iPhone is THE best phone- but it would be impossible for me to enumerate all of them! Just believe me when I say it wins over all aspects!

The white dot at the button is the assisitive touch. It enables you to go to the home screen without having to press the home button. I activated it so I wouldn’t abuse the home button my over-clicking. Im not sure if thats a legitimate reason, but whatever! haha

Welcome to the Philippines, Siri!