On the nail

Let’s talk about Nail Art.

No, I’m not a fan. I must admit, nail art scares me. Okay, worse- it freaks me out. A pet peeve, if you must. I look at them and instead of appreciating the works of art on a mini canvas, all I see are dirty nails that I can’t wait to pour some acetone over.

This local Korean craze has gotten stronger though, and almost all Nail salons now have a Nail Art specialist on board, dying to paint away. I can’t count the number of times I’ve entered nail spas and gotten offered a nail design sheet instead of the usual basket of colors.

The same thing happened to me at Bandi Nail Art Salon, JY Square Cebu. This Korean nail salon has the most adorable owner who gasped when I told her I didn’t want any drawings on my nails. She reacted so dramatically, you’d have thought I told her someone died!

What is the deal with all this nail art mania anyway? Am I getting left behind?

I went online to search for nail art inspirations that I would be brave enough to try on myself. After pages of cringe-inducing floral/oriental/dragony/bejewelled long painted nails, I found a couple that weren’t so bad.

Notice that they more or less fall under the same pantones? I kind of actually really like the Galaxy printed nails on the upper right corner.

But this set got the most of my attention. When I saw this photo at Style Scrapbook, I immediately knew I had to try it.Β The differing ring finger trend has been going on for a while now, and this is the perfect time to play with it.Β To those on an equally terrifying nail art phobia and want to test the waters, try painting one nail in a subtle design and see how you like it.

So off I went to Bandi Nail Art Salon, looking for the perfect colors to decorate my nails.

Among the rows and rows of nail polish, I stumbled upon this! Their own line- how cool! After testing it out, I saw that the pigmentation and application were great! Too bad they don’t sell it (due to problems with customs and shipping from Korea). You have to go to their salon to try it out.

Seated in our mini “private area,”Β Jack and I were discussing which colors and designs to get. She went for a vibrant blue Bandi Nail Color and after long minutes of deliberation……….I stuck with a plain one too. I know, I know- I suck. I chickened out. All this nail art talk and I didn’t have the guts to try it on myself. The more I look at my nail art picks though, the more I want to try it next time. What do you think? To nail art or not to nail art? That is the question.

But for now- my current must try obsession remains on the shiny art of nail foil. I wonder where can I get that done in the Philippines? Any ideas?