July 22, 2020

One Month Baby Update!

My oh my, how did time fly by so fast? It’s been over a month since I gave birth to Baby Scottie and so much has happened since then. We’ve battled with sleepless nights, sore nipples, dirty diapers, and life on a couch to say the least. Six weeks later- this is us!

Lately, life has been filled with new discoveries. I feel like I’ve been thrown headfirst into a new world. There are so many questions we ask ourselves daily- is he hungry? is this normal? what color does his poo have to be? why is he crying? how do I bathe him? Can I do this? … the list goes on and Google can only handle so much! 😅 I’m constantly searching for baby update videos to see if other moms are dealing with the same things we are- and how they cope with it. So, to all the new moms out there, I know every baby is different, but I hope some of my experiences make you feel less anxious and less alone! It surely is a crazy time to have a baby. Relatives and friends cant come over to help and visit…but at least we have each other!

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  1. You inspire in so many ways you have no idea Ate Kryz. Keep writing, keep inspiring people. Love you most and your growing fam.

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