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Oppo N3- The Selfie Secret

Let’s put on our Tech hats for today to discuss a stylish secret I’ve been keeping for a while now. I’m no IT geek so specs and all that mumbo jumbo mean little to me. But a sleek design and a motorized rotating 16 megapixel instant beautifying camera ring all the right bells. What am I talking about? My new smartphone, the OPPO N3!

I’m in love with this phone’s all-white motif! The silver accents and the beautiful skyline notification feature make it look sleek and classy. Don’t even get me started on the camera’s textured leather frame with its exposed white stitches! It’s so gorgeous, I die. I’m totally picking out matching outfits right now!

Now let’s get to talking about the N3’s most unique feature – the motorized rotating camera! Guys, this thing is mesmerizing. Just swipe up and down the screen to control it and you’ve got the ultimate selfie phone! I may or may not have flipped it front to back over and over just for kicks. LOL. If you’re on selfie mode and someone calls, the camera automatically rotates back to its original place so you don’t have to worry about flipping it back. And just imagine how Panorama works on this phone – awesome! Plus, if you’re on a video call (or snapchat), you can swipe up and down to show yourself and where you’re at without having to twist off your arm!


I don’t know what it is with OPPO phones, but I take my best selfies with them. It’s like they have the Camera360 app rolled right into the selfie cam so you’re flawless and your eyes sparkle right after the snap! (Yes, strangely, even in low light!) The instant beautifying feature will have you and your friends gaga over taking endless selfies. Seriously, everyone is going to want a selfie on your phone because it makes everyone look good.

The OPPO N3 isn’t just cool because of the camera. It’s also got a pretty nifty feature that I’m absolutely in love with: the screen off gestures. With this I can quicklaunch apps even with the screen off! I can set random gestures (a circle, a square, a heart, a star!) to trigger whatever app I want. Need my flashlight? Make a V. Need my calculator? Make a “C”. Voila! Sweet and easy.

There’s also a fun fingerprint reader on the back which unlocks the phone quickly without having to press any buttons. And none of that wonky swiping business too! This reader is the touch/press type that gets your fingerprint right and fast. The screen is huge at 5.5 inches. Which, in my opinion, is just about the perfect size to have a great time playing games and watching movies. The battery life is nothing to sneeze at either.


This may not be a full on geek review, but for my purposes, this phone fits perfectly well with me and my lifestyle! If you want the full on Android Authority review though, click here.

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  1. Sounds like a great phone for you. Oppo isn’t sold in the USA that I’ve heard, but I could be wrong. –Mark/Ohio

      1. It would be worth looking for. I love that finger-shape-to-open-different-apps thing! That is really too cool. Very 21st Century! 🙂 –Mark/Ohio

  2. Hi Kryz! I stumbled upon your site via Chictopia. Love your outfits. Thanks for sharing this phone. The motorized rotating camera feature is so cool!

  3. If only someone can donate or gift me an N3 on my b-day i would be very happy, cant afford an N3 because we dont have enough budget :\

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