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3 days ago
I’ve been putting this off for too long, but the day has finally come! We are saying goodbye to half my closet- that’s probably…
6 days ago
We’re on the cover of a magazine people! The #SKYfam has made it! 😂 It’s Scottie boo’s first-ever cover shoot and guess who’s the…
2 weeks ago
It’s been a while since my last favorites video, and so I decided to make one- BUDOL style! It took me months of listing…
I can’t believe this video is actually going to air 😂 Well, you guys know I always try to give you what you ask…
New Momma life
So many mamas have been asking me how I prepare Scottie’s food. I’ll be honest, there was a ton of google-ing, book reading and…

dirty kitchen tour

reacting to yaya q&a

scottie decides

Korean Beauty