Reacting to Old OOTDs #AnOdeToMe

Happy Birthday to Me!!! For my 29th birthday, I’ve decided to make this video #AnOdeToMe. It’s not as narcissistic as it sounds, I promise lol.

While life usually calls us to celebrate our best and proudest moments, I feel like it’s also right to cherish and remember the bad/sad and embarrassing ones. These moments are also a big part of our lives and they are what build character and make us who we are today.

My team has rounded up some photos of my old OOTDs dating back to 2010 (almost a decade ago!!!) and they are very cringe-worthy! Here’s my reaction to seeing them for the very first time.

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If you want to see other round ups of my worst OOTDs, most embarrassing ones and the ones I love the most, let me know! I’d love to make this a series!