October 25, 2020

Scottie visits the UYs and YOUNGs

Happy Sunday, everyone! How’s your day going so far? Today, we’re taking you to both our families – the Uys and the Youngs! This was a request you guys did on my community tab, and I’m happy to deliver!

Since a lot of you are usually curious about how we spend our time with them, I thought today’s vlog would answer all your questions. One thing’s for sure- both families looooove playing with baby Scottie!

We don’t often go and visit my parents who live in the city, but today’s an exception. It felt sooo good seeing my side of the family spend time with our Baby Scottie. He’s growing up so fast, and I would love for them to see his little milestones too! Like how he laughs so much now, interacts with people around him and really pulls his focus to certain things.

We also celebrated Slater’s Mom’s birthday while we filmed this vlog, so we went to their house to spend time with Slater’s side of the family too. 2-in-1 day for Scott! They’re the ones who see Baby Scottie often since we live in the same area. We usually take Scott up to their house almost everyday so he can spend time with them and look around his grandpa’s garden. ❤️

I’m glad to hear that you guys are enjoying these kinds of vlogs (plus loving all the music we use! Don’t worry I’ll be linking down all the songs below. They’re all from Epidemic Music.)

ALSO, HAPPY 600K SKYFAM! This community is getting bigger and bigger and I am so happy to have you all here! I love reading your comments so please leave me some below ❤️

So excited of what’s to come! Sending hugs to everyone. x

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  1. Hello Ms. Kryz, I’m a (low key) fan of yours before but when I found out I was pregnant (Jan 2020) I am very much updated with all your posts regarding pregnancy, motherhood and baby Scott’s lifestyle, even got inspired buying most of my baby’s stuff everytime you post something about it (I loved tinybuds because of you thou ☺️)
    in short, idol na tika sa tanan haha ga awat2 ko pirmi, which made me insecure with Scott because he’s such a chunky baby boy. My baby boy’s currently 5wks now and I see poor weight gain, I am purely breastfeeding him also so I really don’t know whether it’s my supply or my baby’s intake ang problema. Would like to ask sana if Scottie’s taking any vitamins? and if he is, anu-ano po yung mga vitamins na yun, because I’m hoping my baby will have a progress din. Hoping for your help! Thank you and more power to you and your family 💖

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