June 8, 2021

Scottie’s 1st Birthday Photoshoot

We have a toddler people!!! Can you believe Scottie boo our baby boy is already ONE YEAR OLD??? aaah, time flies so fast! Obviously, we had to document this huge milestone with not just one- but two photoshoots! 

The first one was done by our favorite photographer, deedoe Jack Kaye Photo! We had a simple shoot against my newly painted office walls. Jack even took the liberty to sew Scottie two cute cloth crowns and cloth banderitas! A definite labor of love ❤️

Scottie’s second shoot was with newborn photographer Nono by Dyan. She prepared a cake for Scott and we kind of just wanted to see where he would go with it. We placed it infornt of him and got ready for some serious cake smashing. It was Scottie’s first time to have any sugar (or anything that isn’t healthy), and so we were sooo curious to see how he would react! Watch the video to find out!

Thanks to Pop Luxury Balloons for the beautiful customized balloon!

Watch video here:

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