August 9, 2020

Scottie’s 2nd month update!

And just like that, our little baby boy is already 2 months old. Aaah It’s crazy how fast time flies!!!

I’ve never been prouder of how much he progressed in the past few weeks. If you’ve watched my daily vlogs, you would’ve seen what a struggle it was for Slater and I to adjust to him in the beginning. Things are so different now though! I feel like we’re finally getting the rhythm going. Scottie is getting to know us and the world around him so well! He even has a mini routine now- feed, play, sleep!

The best part of this 2-month milestone? His smile! He smiles a lot now, and it absolutely melts my heart every time I catch it. It’s like my daily energy boost. 💗

Hope you guys enjoy this monthly Scottie update as much as I love making them! It feels like having an online diary I can always look back to. Seeing your comments on how this is your safe & happy place makes me grateful. I’m happy that my videos serve up some real positivity. Stay safe and happy Sunday everyone!

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