July 12, 2020

Life with a newborn (1 month)

Hi everyone! I’m back with another video and this time it’s a new day in the life vlog – FINALLY! You guys keep asking for Scottie to guest on my daily vlogs but let me tell you- it’s not easy! Our little baby is as clingy and needy as ever so vlogging has definitely taken the back seat lately. But today, we were semi-successful! Waking up and breastfeeding Scottie the whole day has been my daily cycle lately 😅 The new momma life is taking over me – not that I’m complaining though. I’m truly grateful for this experience. It’s hard but nothing has made me feel more complete 💗

I hope you guys enjoy this vlog even though half of it is just me with boobs out feeding Scottie lol. There’s a mini breakdown here too in case you’re up for a bit of reality drama 😂 enjoy!

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  1. Welcome to motherhood!! I also gave birth last 10th of June. But my milk supply is very low. Huhu. What pump are you using?? Enjoyed your vlog and very relatable•! Hats off to us mommas and daddies too hehe.

  2. Hi Miss Kryz! Please do make sure to make your baby burp every after he finishes breast feeding to avoid gas trap whcih makes baby uncomfortable until you he burps out.

  3. i just love how hands on you both are.. babies grow soooo fast, so don’t bother much on those comments that tell you you shouldn’t carry them too often..cuddle more!… there will come a time that they will be running away from you being all so restless that you’ll miss those cuddly moments… enjoy every moment you can!… you both are doing such a great job!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Yes I guess you’re doing great, because breastmilk is easily digested as compared to formula that’s why babies will tend to be hungry easily too. For now just keep feeding him as frequent as possible. And yes I agree with you regarding diet to eat much food as you can, since that what the baby is already having via breastfeeding. I am a mother of 3 and I breastfed them also cause just like you I am blessed also of many milk in both boobs😝..

  5. You’re doing a amazing job Mommy Kryz.. ❤️ I’ve see the hardships of my sister in law inthe first 2 months.. Baby is really clingy.. It changes month over month.. 👶
    Seeing my niece growing healthy and happy (we determine when he smiles of course, lol), its really fulfilling kahit di ako yun mom.. I’ m just here to help and practice na din for my future little one.
    You guys are really amazing.. Without any help aside from Ate House Cleaner, you are surviving it po na kau lang ni Mr. Young..
    And I am amazed of the breastmilk you produce.. As in WOW!
    I wish your family well. Congratulations and looking forward to more vlogs with Scottie and Sky. ❤️

  6. I am right there with you. My baby is like Scottie only happy when I’m the boob. Except I am not able to express as much milk as you. Huge struggle

  7. Hi Kryz,

    Tama yun, don’t worry about what other people say. Your baby is your baby and all babies are different. Don’t stress about whether you’re doing the wrong or right thing, alam mo na it’s right when your baby is soothed, quiet, sleeping and peaceful, right? And really, if that means he wants to be in your arms all the time, then it means he’s a baby that wants to be near his mom. He was in your tummy for 9 months, he got used to you I guess! And he’s such a tiny little thing, so vulnerable. What else can you do but hold him in your arms and comfort him when he wants you to?

    You’re doing a great job anyway and you’re very blessed to have so much support from your loved ones. Believe me, all of this will soon be a distant memory, and what’s more it will only be a tiny little blip in your timeline, these baby years. So just try to relax and enjoy and not to stress too much. Pray always! 🙂

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