September 24, 2021

Scottie’s first time at the zoo!

Scottie looooves reading books about animals and bugs. He loves pointing them out for us to see in his stories, and searching for bugs around our house as well. He has so easily memorized names and sounds of wildlife, even if he has never met them in person. So on this fine day, we were so happy to get the opportunity to visit one of Cebu’s zoos- Crocolandia!

They were kind enough to close the place for our family and we felt super safe while we were there. We got to see crocodiles, reptiles, birds and even a snake! Scottie’s reactions were priceless! I never really liked visiting zoos, but because Scott had such a time, we ended up really enjoying it. Iba na talaga pag parent ka na! Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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