August 12, 2020

Scott’s First Doctor Visit

Hi everyone! How are we all doing?

For today’s mid-week vlog, I’m taking you with me as I step out into the house for the first time after giving birth. Just the thought of the outside world makes me feel so anxious (lol- I’m a paranoid mom now) so just imagine how nervous I was to actually step out for Scottie’s first doctor visit! He got his shots (ouch) and finally a much needed (and super delayed) check up!

What scared me more than Scottie’s shots were heading to the medical center though! Fortunately, the whole process went smoothly. The clinics are making sure patients don’t have to wait for their turn- everything is by appointment. We had to go through a registration and triage area which was a bit scary for me to see and be with so many people, but I’m happy there are many necessary precautions in place now to keep things safe.

Filming these day in the life vlogs and sharing it with the rest of you guys is becoming a little habit now. I’m ever so grateful to have this #skyfam community to share my life with. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck around through the years (and life milestones!) And to everyone who’s new- welcome to the family! xx

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  1. We’re luckier cause you let us share your beautiful sky fam journey with us! I’ve been a supporter since 20k plus subscriber days and now the fam is getting bigger and bigger!! I’m so happy and proud!!!! Plus Scotiie, you’re the real luck. Hehehehe cute!!

  2. Kryz, loooove your Day- in-the-life videos! Im a new mom also, with my baby born during this COVID period, so I can totally relate to your stories! Like getting swabbed prior to delivery and baby grunting prior to pooping.
    Please continue coming out with them!

  3. Hi Kryz! So relaxing to watch life in Cebu. Its one of my favorite cities in Ph. Anyway, hope you feature your healthy meals in your vlogs. Like what you eat for bfast lunch dinner snacks 🙂 hehe. Im running out of healthy meals to prepare . More power!

  4. Hi kryZ iM with you in this motherhood journey im a mom of almost 5mos chubby boy eheheh GBU More videos and tips of taking care a baby and selfcare

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