March 25, 2020

September 2019 Favorites

September just ended and we’re just about a couple of months away from the holidays. As you all know guys, I just came from my honeymoon in South Africa. I can’t wait to share with you our experience with the place and the natural wonders of the continent!

My trip to the country wouldn’t be any easier, thanks to some of the things I have brought with me. Most of the favorites of the month are products that I thank the heavens, I brought with me during the trip or used for post-trip beauty care.

If you are about to travel, or have friends who will, check out my personal faves for the month and maybe try a thing or two? Here’s a quick look at the list.

1. Aveda Blue Malva Mauve Shampoo

2. Sol Janeiro Brazilian Body Buff

3. Little Twin Stars x Happy Skin

4. Happy Skin x Love Marie Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse

5. Happy Skin x Love Marie Lip Gloss

6. Skechers Sneakers

7. Memory Card iPhone converter

8. Cacao Culture Tablea Bar

9. Cacao Nibs

10. Mandaue Foam Vases

11. Hyperdrive (Netflix)

Seen or used any of my favorites so far? Check out the vlog below if you haven’t yet!

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