August 4, 2021

Slater bought a PHP100,000 tripod!

Slater and I love to compete with each other- whether it’s for serious things or silly things like today. We actually got into a debate about who is a better shopper and we need your help to decide who the winner is! Are you a team Slater or a team Kryz? Do you consider price when you shop, or does value overtake price all together? In this video, we show you our latest and greatest online finds (be ready for some serious budol moments!) as we battle it out for the title of… best #SKYPOD shopper! lol Enjoy guys!


Where we got the items:

Slater’s Sampayan

Kryz’ Button Replacements

Slater’s WFH set up


Kryz’ Foreo UFO 2 and UFO masks

Slater’s DIY Table

Kryz’ Hair Accessories

Pearl Clamp:

Gold Clamp:

Plastic Clamp:

Pearl Scrunchie:

Slater’s Tripod

Kryz’ Tripod

Dog Mount:

Suction Mount:

Watch the video here:

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