8 years ago

So Smart

So I gave android a try a few months ago and realized it was too difficult to make the change. My heart yearned for an apple again and when I found out about the iPhone 5c and its multitude of colors, I knew it was the right phone for me! Thank goodness I have Smart on speed dial! They are releasing this bad boy along with iPhone 5s on November 15, so hurry hurry hurry and get yourself one. You can register here and be the first in line to get it. It’s the best thing ever! I had such a hard time deciding what color to get, but finally settled on fresh soothing green. It’s just the right mix of youthfulness, vigor, uniqueness and comfort, don’t you think? Plus, I hardly ever choose green so I thought it would be a good choice for a change. To highlight it in today’s look, I decided to go for an all black ensemble and make my #SmartiPhone 5C the main attraction. I love how it serves as both a super awesome phone and a super awesome accessory at the same time! Hitting two birds with one iPhone- well, that’s what I’m talking about.

Guess sweater, Romwe skirt, Hued sandals, Smart iPhone 5c, Gshock watch

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  1. Are you tamad to type? Wala na kwenta blog mo. Puro photos na lang. Dati pa, when you were starting, may content pa and substance blog mo. Now, it’s all about your narcissistic ways. How disappointing. You’ve lost a smart, informed, non-masa reader in me, Kryz. You are A SELLOUT. Kadire. Stooping down to the masa bloggers levels. You know youre better than that. With an Ateneo degree and high-class pedigree, you’re levelling with the ugly-only-popular-because-of-her-ate Laureen and stupid-really-stupid-can-i-say-stupid Patricia Prieto.

    1. That’s really mean for you to say about people you don’t even know. Hoping this is just you and your mom did actually teach you good manners. Also, it is my blog, so please dont tell me what to do or say. Thanks!

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