March 25, 2020

Summer in Sandals

Another thing I’m sure to keep wearing this summer is sandals! I’ve got a serious addiction towards them, and I’ve realized that they go with just about anything! You can opt to wear them with maxi dresses, or get gem encrusted ones and pair them with jeans- the options are limitless! Plus, they exude such an effortless and classy vibe that you can’t get wearing the highest of heels! Today, I’m wearing this simple outfit perked up with a lot of color and print. What do you think?

Korean Rose blazer, H&M tank, Mango shorts, Charles and Keith sandals, Young and Sweet necklace

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15 Responses

  1. With heels, sandals and flats.
    You still look amazing, elegant and name it all.
    You’re pretty in all fashion.
    I love your fashion statement and the way you trend yourself.

    Can you please give me some tips about fashion too. ♥
    Thank you so much. Love Lots 🙂

  2. Those shorts are a heavenly shade of blue!

    By the way Ate Kryz, did you go to the opening of WAGW at The District Northpoint? I was in Singapore when the mall opened but I would really love to meet you!

  3. If you can be a fashionista, please be a fashionista with a heart! Please do not support products that has animal-cruelty issues (genuine leather, fur, stingray bangles, etc., make-up products with animal cruelty)

    Kindly watch this video to see how animals are suffering for the sake of fashion and experiments. Kindly spread the word. Thank you, in behalf of the animals!

  4. It is my first time to comment here in your blog though I am an avid reader and I always visit your website. I can’t help not to comment after seeing your sandal. I am very much fascinated to sandals, so chic! I love the whole outfit! <3 Expect me to your next update.

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