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Sunken Eyes: How to Fix and Reduce Them? What Causes Them?

Sunken Eyes

Sunken eyes or hollow eyes are a natural thing. 

But man do they make you look TIRED!

It also goes by other names, such as “tear trough hollows” or “under eye hollows”.

We support embracing your flaws, but sometimes sunken eyes can mean something more. 

If you’re not taking care of your health, it shows in your body, ESPECIALLY your eyes!

Read on to learn more about sunken eyes, and how to reduce its appearance!

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How to Reduce Sunken Eyes and Dark Circles:

How to Reduce Sunken Eyes and Dark Circles

These are some remedies you can do that do NOT involve dermal fillers or any sort of surgery. 

These are all HOME REMEDIES you can do for your sunken eyes and dark circles that are SIMPLE and EASY.


Remember to ALWAYS consult your doctor if needed.

1. Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Get. More. Sleep.

Eye bags can intensify the dark circles around your eyes making you appear with sunken eyes.

Dark circles from lacking sleep results from blood vessels under eyes that are enlarged or inflamed due to hours of activity.

To maintain your health, you need 7 to 9 hours of QUALITY sleep.

Getting a CONSISTENT sleep schedule will OUTSHINE any skincare product you may consider using.

Set an alarm that reminds you to go to bed and one to wake you up at the same time every day!

Be mindful of what food you eat in the evening. Avoid sugars and caffeine, because those can cause sleepless nights!

If you have sleep issues, you may want to consult a sleep specialist.

2. Eat Food That Aids Your Skin Health

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. And if you eat healthy, you will be healthy.

Incorporate healthy fats in your diets, such as avocados or salmon. 

Also, incorporate nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables into every meal to maintain healthy skin.

Supplements are NOT a substitute for a healthy diet.

Also try to reduce caffeine, inflammatory oils such as canola and vegetable oil, and processed foods.

Avoiding these can definitely have a positive effect on your complexion. 

It can also boost your energy levels and give you a natural glow.

3. Drink More Water

You need to STAY HYDRATED! It’s great for your overall health AND YOUR SKIN!

Specifically for the tear trough area!

The skin underneath the eyes is one of the thinnest parts of your body. It is important to keep it hydrated to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and inflammation.

You can even consume water-rich foods like cucumber, lettuce, avocado, berries, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon. 

It’s easier to retain nutrition when it comes from whole foods, so remember to drink AND eat your water.

Making sure you’re hydrated will help to reduce the appearance of sunken eyes.

4. Relax

Relaxing activities such as yoga and meditation can help to reduce stress hormones. 

Stress hormones disrupt body processes, which can lead to a breakdown in healthy collagen and elastin production.

Taking some time every week to relax will not only help reduce the appearance of sunken eyes and dark circles but also positively benefit your mind and body.

5. Sun Protection

Since UV rays can cause damage to the skin, sun protection should not be overlooked.

Excessive sun exposure can damage the collagen in your skin, which can lead to unwanted wrinkles and conditions like sunken eyes and dark under-eye skin.

Apply sunscreen ALWAYS and wear protective clothing such as a hat or sunglasses.

6. Quit Smoking

If you SMOKE, we HIGHLY SUGGEST you QUIT smoking.

Smoking can cause you to lose collagen and lead to early signs of aging. 

Not to mention, it’s an EXPENSIVE habit!

Save your money and your skin and QUIT.

After quitting smoking, you will notice that your dark under-eye should lighten up!

7. Apply Topical Treatments

You can use a topical eye treatment to help care for the delicate skin around the eyes.

These are things you can do in the comfort of your OWN HOME to get rid of your sunken eyes.

Store-Bought Eye Cream

It’s crucial to start incorporating anti-aging creams in your skincare routine to remedy dark circles around the eye area. 

When choosing an eye serum, look out for VITAMIN C in the ingredients. It can effectively slow down the aging process too!

It has the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and improve the look of uneven skin tone and dark spots.

This is because antioxidants play a major role in promoting healthy skin. 

Some of the most powerful antioxidants you can look for in your skincare are astaxanthin, vitamin E, C, and A.

When antioxidants are combined in a formula, they become more potent and effective at protecting our skin from FREE-RADICAL DAMAGE.

This is a very effective method to get rid of early signs of aging.

Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Fish Oil or Avocado Oil

Using a drop of oil on your skin is a great way to target eye bags. 

They’re also easy to find, and are probably already in your kitchen!

You can use almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, or avocado oil. 

You can also break open a fish oil capsule to get a healthy dose of fatty acids.

Before going to bed, just put a drop of any of the oils onto your fingertips and GENTLY MASSAGE it into your under-eye. 

Leave it overnight, and do this daily.

Lemon Juice

You can use lemon juice below your eye area to get rid of dark circles.

It’s nature’s bleach and can help with dead skin removal and discoloration.


Tea Bags

You can use a cooled, used, tea bag. These have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. 

So it can help to reduce any swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

After making tea, just apply it to your under eyes and let it sit for 10 minutes (Preferably, green tea).

The caffeine in the tea in addition to putting COLD tea bags vasoconstricts the blood vessels underneath the eyes. This depuffs the area and reduces eye bag appearance.

This can help get rid of the dark appearance around your eye area.

Cucumber Slices

Cucumbers have a COOLING effect and can help reduce swelling.

Just slice a chilled cucumber and place them on your eyes. Leave them for around 10 to 15 minutes.

Cucumbers are high in VITAMIN E and POTASSIUM, which can help to reduce fine lines. 

They are also high in ANTIOXIDANTS, making this one of the best anti-aging solutions.

Raw Potato

Potatoes are highly nutritious.

Placing them for half an hour under your eyes can help make your eyes appear more youthful.

This is because potatoes contain a lot of starch and vitamin C, which help in making your under-eye skin more supple.

Causes of Sunken Eyes

Causes of Sunken Eyes

Now, let’s talk about the CAUSES for sunken eyes. 

After all, it is important to understand what exactly we should tackle.

As you read this, try to figure out which ones apply to you and take note of them so that you do the RIGHT remedies.

1. Aging

Sunken eyes are more prevalent in older adults.

But we like to say that AGING IS A PRIVILEGE. Although physical changes aren’t always welcome.

As we age, we lose fat, bone density, and collagen production decreases. 

This causes a hollowing in the face, which is especially noticeable around the eyes.

While we believe in SELF LOVE before anything else, if you believe that reducing your signs of aging and reducing your sunken eyes will make you happier, then by all means do it.

2. Unhealthy Diet

You need to have a healthy diet to have GOOD SKIN HEALTH.

Your diet should have fresh, nutrient-rich food in order to maintain a healthy body.

If you have poor nutrition, it can show up in your physical appearance. 

This can show in dark circles, tough skin texture, and eyes that appear sunken and hollow.

3. Dehydration

Severe dehydration over an extended period of time can show on your skin, causing early signs of aging such as wrinkles and sunken eyes.

Consuming excessive caffeine can also have this effect, as it has a diuretic effect that causes dehydration.

So remember to STAY HYDRATED!

4. Lack of Sleep

Getting a full 8 hours of good quality sleep is very important for your health and beauty.

Your skin repairs itself while you are asleep. It produces collagen and repairs damage from UV exposure.

So not getting enough sleep or poor quality sleep can lead to sunken eyes and dark circles.

5. Weight Loss

Excessive fat loss can cause the eyes to appear sunken and hollow.

If your diet LACKS healthy fat like omega-3 fatty acids, it can affect your skin negatively.

Although some may want to lose weight, it’s important not to go OVERBOARD with the weight loss. Skinny DOES NOT equal healthy.

As long as your weight is HEALTHY, you should be safe from the sunken look.

6. Fatigue

We seem to be living life in the FAST LANE nowadays. But this can cause physical exhaustion.

This can lead to excessive caffeine intake and a lack of sleep. These BOTH contribute to sunken eyes and appearance of a dark circle.

7. Smoking

Smoking is NOT the healthiest habit. 

It can cause collagen loss and skin to lose elasticity.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It gives your skin its bounce. 

So a lack of this can lead to sagging skin on the face and the appearance of sunken eyes.

Smoking can also cause signs of older aging in younger people. 

So if you want to maintain your youthful glow, AVOID THIS BAD HABIT!

8. UV Rays

The sun is GREAT. It provides us with vitamin D, and can even give us a BEAUTIFUL tan.

But TOO MUCH sun can cause your skin to sag and cause a ruddy appearance.

So to avoid getting sunken eyes, make sure you wear your sunscreen, sunglasses, or a hat!

9. Allergies and Sinus Infections

Allergies can cause your eyes to sink and dark circles to form.

This is due to the INFLAMMATION in the tiny blood vessels below the eyes or blocked nasal passages.

Make sure you STAY AWAY from allergens or take your allergy medicine if needed.

A sinus infection can also affect your eyes, making them more sunken.

If your sunken eyes are due to this, talk to your doctor about taking allergy medication, eye drops, or antibiotics.

10. Genetics

Sometimes it’s JUST GENETICS. The position of the eyes in the eye socket can depend on your genes.

If other members of your family appear to have sunken eyes, it could just be part of your DNA.

Sometimes learning to love yourself is more important.

11. Vitamin Deficiency

Important vitamins for your face include VITAMIN C and VITAMIN K. A lack of these can cause your eyes to be sunken and formation of dark circles.

In fact, hollow-looking eyes are a symptom of undernutrition.

  • Vitamin C helps in absorbing iron. It also lessens bruising.
  • Vitamin K is responsible for blood clotting.

Not only can a deficiency in these cause sunken eyes, this can also cause easy bruising and unhealthy skin.

12. Trauma

If you’ve suffered any injuries to your face, particularly the bones around your eyes you may have sunken eyes.

In this case, you might want to wait until your face is completely healed first. 

If it’s healed and is still hollow, you may need cosmetic surgery to fix it.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Health is wealth just as much as it is BEAUTY. So make sure you keep yourself healthy. 

That way, you can reduce signs of early aging.

Simply start by getting enough sleep, drinking water regularly, and eating healthier, and the rest should follow.

If you need, you can even do the remedies mentioned in the comfort of your own home! 

And remember, self-love is just as important. So love yourself for who you are, flaws and all.


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