3 years ago

Surprise Party!

On my 18th birthday (lowkey plus 10), Slater decided to trick me and throw me a surprise party with all my friends in Cebu! I was so shocked, mostly because my sister and best friend were in on it! They all collectively decided to mess with me- my bestie saying she had love problems with her fiancè (and my cousin!) which got me in quite a panic because they’re supposed to get married soon; and my sister saying she was going out with her friends that night at “the same place”. I was so ready for bed, and only decided to head out for a bit to see my bestie. While waiting for Slater to pick me up, I tucked myself under my sheets and secretly wished bestie would come to my house instead so we could cry over her love problems while putting on face masks and eating ice cream. She insisted on drinking, and as a good best friend, I had no choice but to oblige. Slater started texting my friends in our group chat asking them one by one to come out that night, but they all seemed to have plans. Low and behold, their plan was to surprise me! We ended up having such a great time (which you’ll see if you watch the video!). The most special thing about this whole occasion was the shock of my life that Slater could actually plan stuff! LOL. He really hates planning/organizing things, and putting together a surprise party is no easy task! So touched to have the best people in my life! To all my friends who are reading this right now, THANK YOU! You made turning 28 feel like I was turning 18 again!

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  1. 2 things i discovered:
    -Slater’s an engineer who doesn’t like planning stuff😂
    -Kryz really drinks a lot! Haha

  2. Happy Birthday Krzzy! Unexpected things are always the best… turning 28 is like turning 18 again is awesome. Anyway,you look younger than you look.. Age is just a number, I will turn 37 in a few days and I feel like as I aged all I wish for is the best in life for my kids who like me celebrating their bdays as well. January rocks! And I’m loving to start the year with all the happy memories.

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