The Cyber Celebs at Influence Asia 2017

It’s the second time around for #InfluenceAsia and we find ourselves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! I was fortunate enough to be nominated again this year for Top Fashion Influencer, even though I really haven’t been posting a lot of fashion related articles lately 😅. I guess my love for dressing up still shows through all my travel and beauty posts! After winning Top Beauty Influencer last year, I sort of got inspired to do more make up related videos, but fashion has never really left my heart. I guess I’m more of a jack of all trades kind of gal. 😁✌🏼

The list of nominees this year is completely different from last years, and so I got the privilege to meet and get to know so many new people! Most of them are Youtubers, and all of them are super creative and passionate. Nakakainspire! Do you guys know these cyber celebs???

First event- The Welcome Dinner. I mostly got to bond with Alodia over our love for cameras. She has a ton of them, and all the best lenses 😱😱😱 She also took most of the photos in this post!

For the main event, I decided to do my own hair and make up. And of course, take a million selfies in between. These are all no filter, no edit cause I want you guys to see what it really looks like. First 2 were shot with an iPhone and the rest with my Canon G7x Mark 2. For my hair, I used my Vodana straightening iron (tutorial here). For Make Up- I used my new Modern Renaissance Eye shadow palette from Anastasia, and even went live on Instagram while getting ready. Were you guys able to see? Do you like this make up look? Yay or Nay?

This is my final look. What do you think??? My dress is by Coexist by Camille Co, she whipped it up for me in less than a week! Amazing! The fit is absolutely perfect. 👌

It was quite the struggle getting to KLCC from our hotel, and we had to wait for hours in the lobby without food or water 😅😅 so what do we do? Take photos nalang! lol What do you expect from internet people like us? The weird thing was, a lot of other sketchy hotel guests kept taking close up shots of us, even if they had no idea who we were. One guy even came so close and only took a boob shot of my friend! 😱 Always be vigilant and know how to ward of creepers!!!

Post awards show- a few of us left early and grabbed dinner because we were absolutely starving! Patay gutom levels. lol. Donnalyn had this silly idea to film a video together, and I decided to go for it because… when will I ever see her again, right? Plus, you guys always tell me we look alike! Now you can finally see us together! LOL You can check it out on her channel, and another one on mine this sunday!

 We caught up with everyone at the After Party in Zouk Malaysia. A lot of guys had problems getting in because they didn’t bring their IDs. So a word of advice for all you travellers out there who want to party- be prepared! Always have Identification on hand, even if its an international drivers license or a copy of your passport on your phone!

 Here’s what I wore to the After party on the left, and what I changed into for the airport on the right. I literally came home, took a shower, packed, changed and flew out of KL. #TeamNoSleep! But meeting all these amazing creatives totally made it worth it! Til the next one! And congratulations to the winners! 👏🏻

List of Winners:
Beauty- Janina Vela
Fashion- Tricia Gosingtian
Lifestyle- Joyce Pring
Health and Fitness- Gretchen Ho
Food- Cheryl Tiu
Parenting- Andi Manzano
Youtube Personality- Lloyd Cadena
Breakout Influencer of the Year- Wil Dasovich
Youtube Channel- Wil Dasovich
Influencer of the Year- Wil Dasovich