March 25, 2020

The Girl from Back Then

WAGW cardigan and sunnies (old/SOLD OUT), Topshop skinny jeans, F21 corset, Call It Spring pumps, The Closet Goddess Bag, SM Access0ries earrings, Ferreted snake connector ring, Love eye candy long necklace

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I was looking through my old photos in a futile attempt to clean out my files, and through the embarrassing, hilarious and crazy memories, I noticed a couple of things:

1. From 2007 (5 years ago! OMG!) and below, everyone wore jeans everyday– at least at the places I went to! School- blue jeans. Church- blue jeans. Work- blue jeans. Party-blue jeans. Tops were the big players in the market, and jeans were a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Life was so simple!

2. There was a point in time where everyone had at least one long gold necklace with a pendant hanging below. It was THE accessory du jour, and the more vintage it looked, the better! I remember having one with a maritime emblem and an image of Queen Elizabeth behind it. It was my moms, and I had it on all the time!

3. Cardigans were sort of my thing during college. I had one on me every single school day! I think my love for outerwear started out as a necessity- needing cover ups for air-conditioned classrooms, and post training (I used to be a dancer) comfort. I had cardigans in all colors of the rainbow!

I guess after revisiting all those university photos, I talked myself into reviving my old collegiate fashion habits- blue jeans- check, cardigan- check, long necklace-check! I just added a few trendy styling practices to keep it up to date, like print on print florals and the monochromatic effect to elongate my silhouette.What do you think? “COOL-lege” material? lol (laughed my butt off when I heard Mike say that corny joke!)

What sort of fashionable things did you use to do in the past? 🙂

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  1. looove the shot of the first pic! and funny memories you have 😛 but i do agree “everyone wore jeans everyday”…”Life was so simple!”

  2. Hello, i am brazilian and i am loving ur blog. You are a inspiration for me, now.
    Your looks are great and u are so beatiful.
    Congratulations, my dear.
    Take a good sunday!
    Bye, Kisses

  3. despite wanting to deviate from the norm, i can’t help but wear jeans every day in school! sucks to have lab classes daily!

  4. well. blue jeans are still MY THING as you call it xD
    and i really adore this flower print outfit, especially the corset. so lovely :O

    so these pics are from 2007 ?? you havent changend much. beautifull as ever

    w/love and admiration
    Thao frm germany

  5. I super love the first and last photo’s composition Ate Kryz! ♥ And that corset is too beautiful for words! hihihi.. 🙂

    I’m still at my college years and I tend to always be in jeans + cardigan/polo + that long necklace + sneakers/flats.. I guess that fashion trend is a college thing for everyone. hehe.. 🙂

  6. Haha, I love it to look at some old pics. I look so cute and funny (:. Love your look, I checked it on! Love your top and jumper! The skinny jeans and bag look also very great!! Love your outfit!!

  7. i love this look.. something you can wear when you’re just starting to be a fashionista. (i think) hehe.. i’m from the province and up to now, if you’re going to wear something like this, everyone would be staring at you in awe. So when I was just in college,… ah you know what I mean. ^^ (and that was way back 2003, haha)

    1. Thanks Yvonne 🙂 Im from the province too and no one stared at me! haha at least I think not! And who cares if they do anyway! As long as you like what youre wearing 🙂

  8. Everything about all these is sooo pretty. And you’re gorgeous too. 🙂 Too bad the cardigan’s already sold out. 🙁

  9. I agree, this outfit speaks COLLEGE — minus the heels of course because it’s hard to go around from building to building.

    Before the dress code in school, everyone was in flip flops! That’s what I remember.

  10. Jeans are still my thing, Kryz. I do change it up a bit and go for trousers, skorts, or palazzo pants once in a while. But cotabato isnt really a place where you can wear revealing pieces and not get stared out , pointed at or worse, insulted for. 🙁

  11. ooooh I love your jeans!!!!! and your heels!!! well, let me just put it this way, I love your outfit! :)) and I hope I can find a pair just like that! 😀

  12. You look lovely, as always… =)

    P.S. Just heard that Cebu had an earthquake today. I hope that you and your family are okay 🙂

  13. Jeans have definitely become a part of my outfit habits since I’ve been at university…I like the mix of colours in yours between your heels and your satchel purse. The contrast of floral patterns in nice too. When I was younger, I used to wear a lot of collared shirts…but I’m noticing now that they’re slowly re-entering my wardrobe! Hope you have a good week xx

  14. Yay thanks! ^.^ I wasn’t sure because there’s the brand “clothes for the goddess” & “the closet goddess” so I had just e-mailed both hehe c:

  15. I’ve been searchjng for this post of yours forever! I just love it sooo much and i want to get it but how? The website fpr the Cardigan isn’t an online store? i want the cprset and cardigan so bad
    They’re ao gorgeous

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