September 20, 2020

Things I bought for the SKYPOD | Kryz Uy

Hello and happy Sunday friends ❤️ How have you all been this week?

If you guys are anything like me, staying at home has meant one thing- online shopping! Can anyone say Lazada? Or Shopee? Lately, I’ve been watching so many Home Decor Hauls here on Youtube… and I thought- hey! Let’s make one of our own! Here are a few steals I’ve ordered online, hope you like them as much as I do!

1. Watering Can

2. Sunday Studios Body Vase

3. Sunday Studios Pink Vase and bowl

4. Mandaue Foam Tea Pot ( similar here)

5. Sunday Studios small glass bowls

6. Sunday Studios Glasses

7. Acrylic Organizer All Things Girly

8. Vases from Finn and Ellery 

9. Dried Flowers- Cortaderia by Victoria, Floral Touch by Chaty  and 

10. Oil and Vinegar Container from Lazada 

11. Glass containers from Landers ( similar here)

12. Planter from A plant Studio (similar here )

13. Vases from Mandaue Foam ( similar here )

14. Throw from Finn and Ellery 

15. Body Vase from Lazada 

16. Boob bath mat Finn and Ellery 

17. Felt baskets from Lazada 

18. Dish Drying rack 

19. Cart from TheKiddieCompany (similar here)

20. Cable organizer 

2 Responses

  1. Hello, Ms. Kryz!!!
    May I ask if where you bought the bras? They looked so good! It was on your ig story and a person tagged you taht she bought the Php 60 bra, but I couldn’t find where to order it. Many thanks and God bless your fam!

  2. I was wondering about the robot vacuum that I saw in Slater’s video about the reaction to the reaction video. What brand is that? Is it good? Does it make cleaning the Skypod easier? Does it make life easier somehow?

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