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Wearing Too Much Makeup? – 10 Tips to Tone Down Your Routine

Wearing Too Much Makeup

We all LOVE makeup. Makeup gives us confidence and a fun way to dress up! 

No matter what age (within reason), gender, or race, makeup can be for everyone!

But sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. And that includes wearing too much makeup.

So where do we draw the line with wearing too much makeup?

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What is "Too Much" Makeup?

What is It

Wearing too much makeup is actually based on personal preference.

For example, it might be too much for one person when makeup feels heavy, and to someone else, having a tinted moisturizer could be their definition of too much.

Beauty is very subjective, so the only opinion that really matters is YOUR OWN.

Being a girl comes with a lot of expectations.

But remember you’re dressing up for yourself, and NO ONE should be telling you that you’re wearing too much makeup. 

YOU decide whether or not you actually have too much makeup on.

If you like how you look, and someone says you look like a clown with bad intentions, cut them off.

Don’t be offended though if another woman tells you that you have lipstick on your teeth, or if your lashes are falling off. 

It’s girl code to look out for each other!

That being said, there are some beauty mistakes you can make that would make it look like you’re wearing too much makeup.

Tips to Cleaner Looking Makeup

Sometimes the problem isn’t wearing TOO MUCH makeup, just that you’re doing the wrong things!

Men and women who tell us we put too much on our face don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time. 

Are they makeup artists? PROBABLY NOT.

And while we can’t always afford a makeup artist to make up our face, there are ways to have people believing that you are your own makeup artist!

Just follow these tips, and you’ll be looking like a NATURAL beauty (without looking like you have too much makeup on) in no time!

1. Using the Right Colors

Using the Right Colors

There’s a difference between wearing too much and wearing the wrong colors. Feel confident and wear makeup that you want, but just remember to find something that will MATCH YOUR COMPLEXION.

Experiment with different colors UNTIL you find what works for you! This includes making sure your eyebrows are the correct shade and not wearing a blush that is darker than your lips.

If you want to stick with a natural look, then stick with the brown and cream-colored eyeshadow, with brown eyeliner. But don’t be afraid to switch it up with bright eyeshadow and different liner colors!

Wearing makeup can never go wrong as long as you have the right colors.

2. Proper Skincare

Proper Skincare

This should always be your #1 PRIORITY!

Think about this, for any piece of art, an artist needs a good base. The same goes for our face. You need clean, healthy, and well-cared-for skin to FULLY BRING out your makeup.

This may seem hard, but all you really have to do is identify your skin type and take care of your skin accordingly!

This is separate from skin prep. But if your skin care and prep game is strong, you will find that you definitely have a better-looking application!

3. Choosing the Right Foundation

Right Foundation

Different foundations are made for different skin types. So you want to make sure you choose the RIGHT one for you!

First thing to consider is your skin type:

  • If you have an oily face, choose a foundation that WON’T make you look oily and glossy.
  • If you have a dry face, don’t choose a drying foundation.

Once you’ve found a foundation great for your skin type, you want to MAKE SURE you get the RIGHT SKIN TONE!

This goes back to colors and what fits your overall skin tone.

You don’t want your entire face to look like a mask. So choose foundation shades carefully. Shop in the store rather than online if you can.

A makeup artist would have a palette of shades. As a mundane, we only need to find that ONE perfect match and we can skip getting a makeup artist in the first place.

4. Applying Foundation the Right Way

The Right Way

When you wear foundation, you want to make sure you apply the RIGHT AMOUNT.

Usually, one or two pumps for liquid foundation are enough to cover the whole face.

  • For cream foundation, around three dips of your brush should be fine.
  • For powder foundation, you don’t want to make it look cakey.

A little bit of foundation can go a long way!

Oh, and only apply foundation to areas YOU NEED IT. We know it’s a trend to apply foundation everywhere. But not everyone needs to do that!

You might want to buy foundations that can cover up your freckles or dark spots if you’re prone to hyperpigmentation though.

Makeup artist tip: Take a clean velour puff or soft cotton tissue and wipe your entire face to get any excess foundation off.

Finish off with a pat of setting powder to keep it looking matte!

5. Concealer



A makeup artist will more often than not go for something simple, and that includes concealer make up.

Just cover the necessary parts with the right amount! Mostly your eyebags and blemishes.

6. Sometimes You Do Need More Makeup: The Art of Blush and Bronzer

Sometimes You Do Need More

If you look washed out, you may actually need MORE!

Blush and bronzer is absolutely a MUST when it comes to applying makeup, especially if you wear foundation.

Foundation makes your face one solid color, which is not natural. So add some color back to your face.

To do this, apply blush and bronzer! If you want to add a noticeable glow, you can add a highlighter as well. 

When you put in the effort to look great with makeup, you might as well follow through!

Just make sure you apply it well and in the correct places. You can also purchase a contour kit if you need a variety of shades.

7. Lips


Sometimes when you put on makeup, your lips can get a little dull in comparison. To solve this, you just need a nice lip color or to match!

Lipstick is great! It can give you fuller lips and a pretty color! 

But if you’re not willing to try lipstick, you can get away with wearing a nice lip tint or lip gloss. That should help you bring some dimension!

If you’re planning to eat at a buffet, get a lip gloss or lipstick that won’t smear. 

8. Avoid Spider Lashes

Avoid Spider Lashes

If your eyes look like there are spiders on them, then you will want to check if your mascara is expired. 

If it’s fine, then you can use a disposable spoolie to remove some of the clumps.

Wearing false eyelashes is DEFINITELY BETTER than having spiders on your eyes.

9. Avoid Blocked Eyebrows

Avoid Blocked Eyebrows

We love big brows as much as the next person, but hopefully, we all agree that they shouldn’t look like they’re made of Legos.

Brows on fleek DO NOT mean drawing them in very dark. Make sure you apply them naturally and don’t block out the middle portion.

Makeup artists usually contour around the brows to make it look stronger, not darken it.

The best way of wearing your brows is to have it faded in.

Or you can try a soft look like how asian eyebrows look.

10. Makeup in a Picture

In a Picture

This isn’t really a problem with professional photoshoots, since a professional photographer would know what to do to make your makeup look great, like how it does in real life.

But if you’re taking photos with a point and shoot or with our smartphones, ESPECIALLY if we’re using FLASH, you would want to be more careful with your makeup.

Our under-eyes always look darker in photos, so if you’re going to be taking a lot of selfies, make sure you put on some concealer there and set it with translucent powder.

Side Effects of Makeup

Side Effects

These are some reasons why wearing too much makeup could be a bad thing. But don’t worry, all of these are side effects that have solutions.

1. Clogged Pores

Wearing too much makeup will clog your pores. This is especially if you have large pores.

If your skin can’t breathe, it can lead to acne and many other skin problems.

Wearing too much makeup is not always bad. In fact, it can be very liberating. Just be sure that you wash your face properly and remove all that makeup BEFORE you sleep.

Also, you can try out foundations specially-formulated for large pores.

2. Infection

Makeup is a magnet for bacteria. And because it comes in contact with openings like our mouth, nose, and eyes, we can get sick easily from wearing expired or unclean makeup.

Just make sure you don’t share, and regularly replace them so that your makeup stays clean.

3. Wrinkles

If you’re one of those people who rub and pull your face while putting on makeup, you could end up getting PREMATURE WRINKLES.

So be careful when applying your makeup. Especially on your eyelids, since skin in that area is very thin.

Wearing too much makeup also makes it hard to remove it. Just make sure to be gentle when you do so.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t acceptable to conceal them though. It’s still definitely okay to rely on makeup for covering up wrinkles around your mouth and lips.

4. People Could Judge You

This is more of a social side effect.

But people judge people for EVERYTHING. So don’t let this be the reason you stop wearing “too much” makeup.

If you work a sales job, and how people perceive you is crucial, the best choice would be to wear light makeup.

Is Wearing Makeup Everyday Bad?

Is Wearing It Everyday Bad

Many of us cannot leave the house without putting on makeup. And that’s understandable.

Too much makeup is not necessarily bad if you take care of your skin. But there are cases where putting on too much makeup everyday can be a bad thing.

Although these are things that can happen, if you take care of your face and take the necessary precautions, like researching the ingredients in your makeup and washing it off at night, you should be fine!

1. Breakouts

Putting on too much makeup can cause constant breakouts. And if you put on makeup while having breakouts, it can even prolong your breakout!

2. Your Skin Won't Renew as Well

Your skin renews itself on an average of every 28 days. But putting on too much makeup can interfere with this process.

Once in a while, your skin needs a break. Be sure to give it that break.

3. Allergies

Some ingredients in makeup can cause allergies. So be sure to check the label before you put it on your face.

It would be worth it to only spend on makeup that has hypoallergenic ingredients if you’re sensitive to ingredients.

There are specialized foundation for eczema if you really need makeup!

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Putting on makeup is great, and if you need to wear it every morning to feel yourself, by all means, GO FOR IT!

How much makeup you put on is entirely up to you and your comfort level. Just remember that makeup is meant to ENHANCE your features, not cover them up.

There’s a fine line between boosting your self-confidence and ruining your natural beauty.

Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder that matters the most is yourself.

With or without makeup, you’re beautiful. Wear makeup for yourself, not for others, and stay confident!

Hopefully, this article helped answer your questions!


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