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Top 5 Wedding Themes (And What To Wear accordingly!)

Is it just me, or is everyone getting married these days? I feel like every other week there’s a wedding celebration happening with someone I know as the bride or groom! And on top of that, you guys have been asking me about my own wedding: what the theme is, who’s making my gown, where it’s going to be and the list goes on! There’s so much excitement about celebrating love, and while I’m not ready to divulge my wedding details just yet, I thought it would be helpful to list down what I personally think are the top 5 most popular wedding motifs this year. Brides to be- take your pick! If you aren’t a bride to be, but a wedding guest to be, I’ve included some style guides that you can use as inspiration as well! Hope this helps!

Dark Blue and Mauve

I saw this theme in action at Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaf’s wedding, but it was the girls wearing blue and the guys wearing brown. Either way, this looks clean, classic and very romantic, don’t you agree? Especially when the celebration is taking place in a cooler climate with lush and cool toned greenery in the background!

I recommend this slinkly blue and fully beaded gown to join in on the glamour of the occasion. It looks amazing paired with a clean gold clutch (this one is from Kate Spade), a classic bracelet watch in the same color (Timex Fairfield Mesh Bracelet Watch) and solid gold dangling earrings.

Here are some alternatives in the Mauve color. I’m obsessed with this tulle and appliqué combo! It looks so romantic, don’t you think?

Dusty Rose and Green

This color combination is definitely lighter and more airy. (And most probably the bride’s choice more than the grooms!) It looks amazing for outdoor weddings and is very photogenic as well!

This light pink to old rose color takes me back to my ballet days and so naturally, I’d wear something with a fitted top and tulle bottom. Since this gown is heavily beaded up top, I chose to match it with simple stud pearl earrings, a nude Chanel sling (classic!) and dainty watch in the same color (Timex Crystal Bloom watch).

OR- you can opt to wear this more sensual color, which I also really like. The deep green is so seductive and mysterious, I feel like it works best without any beads but with some gold accessories instead!

Black, White and Gold

Black and White weddings are becoming less taboo and more common these days. I wrote about attending one 2 years ago and now, it’s getting even more popular! I think it looks absolutely chic!

Wearing white is tricky because it’s also very taboo. You wouldn’t want to upstage the bride! I opted for this midi length dress to make sure you look a bit more dressed down and chose more casual accessories as well. Stacked slim rings, white leather watch (Timex Fairfield Crystal Watch) and sexy strappy sandals (Steve Madden) will make you look young and sophisticated while making sure you don’t steal the spotlight.

Of course, if you want to go the safer (and more flattering) route, you can opt to wear black instead! I personally LOVE this pantsuit look! It’s similar to what I wore to a black and white wedding too.

Blue and Deep Red

This motif reminds me so much of romance in the fall (not that I’ve ever had any experience with that but you know what I mean). The wild flowers are such a beautiful and unexpected detail that really makes the theme unique and interesting.

Taking cues from Mama Blake, I chose this wine colored red carpet look because it is absolute perfection! Her hair up in a sleek ponytail makes it look youthful and appropriate, and because her gown has a modern cut and simple details, we can spice it up with some bling and it won’t look too tita. I chose this diamond ear cuff that dangles down her ear to match the fully encrusted diamond bangle and added this sleek and beautiful silver watch (Timex Milano Bangle) to finish the look.

I’m also living for this hue of blue! The muted tones make it look so beautiful when the light hits it from different angles, so I recommend playing with ruffles to really get that multidimensional effect!

Vintage Red & Peach

Last but not the least, we have the spring inspired theme- full of fresh garden picks from oranges to red!

I opted for the more unexpected color choice – orange. If you choose the right fabric like the one above, this color could look absolutely divine! I chose to accessorize with gold for that vintage glamour effect. This classic gold bangle watch (Timex Milano bangle), big gold dangling earrings and YSL Cassandre sling are the perfect match!

And if going for bold colors is not your thing, I recommend this vintage low plunge look which you can rock with or without the beading. I’d wear it with low messy waves and big dangling earrings!

Hope these little style inpo’s and wedding themes help inspire you when you’re planning for your wedding, or for when you attend one! Let me know which look or theme your favorite is the comments below, and it might even help me decide what I’ll use for my own wedding!

wedding theme images from Elegant Wedding Invites
Gown images from Pinterest

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  1. foh sho it’s the most common pick, but i really love the DUSTY ROSE & GREEN! for me it’s very clean and easy to pair with.. i mean, bugnaw jud siya sa mata! and yes, it is very photogenic as well..

    but i also love the Black & White too! Simple yet very sosyal.. effortless!

    pero what i think na bagay sa inyo na theme ate kryzzie is the Vintage Red & Peach! it’s like mas mature or dalaga siya tingnan compared to other themes which are safer on the other side. even though you’re late 20s na, you still look like a young lady ate kryzzie.. so para “a-lady-turned-into-a-woman” na talaga, that theme would be nice! hihihi

    andami ko na sinabi ate kryzzie! hahaha anyways, whatever theme you’re planning to, i’m very much sure it will always and really look beautiful! <3

  2. This guide is really helpful even though I’m not getting married any time soon haha. I really like the first and second color theme. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. The color of my dream wedding in the future hehehehehe is burgundy + dusty rose + green + gold then yung theme is rustic. My bf wants a laid-back and homey atmosphere during the reception. Naked cakes, not so bongga na table piece. I’m torn between Chateau de busay or the garden reception in Montebello cause it really fits perfectly with our dream wedding. hahahaha

  4. So excited for your wedding! i’m guessing na what your theme is. HAHAHA. thank you for this. Will share it to my friends. ❤❤❤

  5. Super helpful. Thanks, Ms. Kryz! Good luck and God bless to your own wedding prep. I know it could be so overwhelming, plus the fact that you will be asked with never ending questions whenever you see friends/relatives. I feel yah. Hahaha! Don’t forget to take some time to rest and relax.

  6. This makes me more excited about your wedding. You really have a great eye for aesthetics and fashion😍😍😍

  7. Tamang tama, one of my cousins is getting married on January 2019 and their theme is dark blue and mauve. I love it! Just classy and easy to dress too since I think the colors are flattering to start of. Omg the tulle dresses I love!!!

  8. OMG! Another blog post. 😀 I definitely love the dusty rose. Great wedding ideas for the future. Hintayin ko muna si future husband. lol

    1. I wasn’t able to respond early, but I’m so happy you love the palettes too! Hope your sister liked it as well.

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