March 25, 2020

Top Of The World

I’m the type of girl who feels terrible when nothing is happening. When I don’t have work or anything to keep myself busy for long periods of time (like 2 days max), I start itching to travel or get out. I need to keep myself moving. I need to hustle. TV marathons or couch potato problems don’t exist in my world. When I have nothing scheduled for the day, my head starts to hurt and I feel so useless and unproductive. That’s precisely what happened a few weeks ago. I decided to stay in Cebu longer to spend time with my family- but everyone had their own agenda and we couldn’t spend every waking moment together. Plus, most of them decided to fly out of the country! So I ended up with absolutely nothing to do. Thank God Cebu is filled with places to see and discover! I ended up taking a quick drive up to the mountains to breathe in this gorgeous view! If you’re from Cebu or just visiting, Tops is definitely a must. I’ve probably seen this a million times already, but it never gets old. Certainly beats sitting down facing a screen the whole day!


If you’re from Manila and you feel my exact same sentiments about unfortunately being stuck at home, here’s something that might help you get off your bum. Smart has partnered up with my favorite app ever- UBER! Smart is giving away two FREE Uber rides (worth P300 each) to Metro Manila-based subscribers who are also first time-users of the Uber app. The rides can be used anywhere within Metro Manila from now until Sept. 30.

To avail of Smart’s FREE Uber rides, simply visit and register your Smart number. Upon successful registration, you shall receive a Promo Code which you can input on the Uber app before requesting a ride.

You can also use my Uber Promo Code: UBERKRYZ for that first free ride! Get out and get moving!

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  1. Uber offers great service! If I weren’t averse to owning a credit card, I’d Uber to work every day. Hope they set up a system for cash payments.

    THAT VIEW THO. I suddenly felt guilt thinking to myself, “May ganiyan pala sa Pilipinas”, when in reality there’s so much beauty to see in our country – even in our busiest cities!

  2. I am planning to visit cebu with my boyfriend.. Any suggestions as to the must-visit places? I’ve only been to Cebu thrice.. And i haven’t done much except malling and visit some churches.. Hope you can help me out. After all, i consider you as the princess of cebu.. Hahaha :* girl crush forevs

    – from Ormoc with love ❤

  3. Wow!!! I love everything about this blog. From the view to the photos to your OOTD. Just love it.
    Pics were amazingly captured. Who took the pic Ms. Kryz?

  4. O Lord have mercy to that last photo.
    But this post is inspiring,but then again I have to come back to myself and being me,wc is a home potato,not totally couch potato I workout at home etc. and I love staying home.
    Oh the beauty of youth and nature,xoxo Bing.

  5. I can stare at that view forever! Been there a lot of times too but still its just breathtaking!! The last pix tho superwoman! Hahaha

  6. Beautiful, so wonderful to live in such a lovely place. We should all be proud of where we live! By the way, so glad to see you out of your teenager-style backward hat and back into the real, super stylish, so-pretty Kryz Uy look! 😀 –Mark in Beautiful Ohio

  7. Waaahh!!. I hope I can have that attitude of yours Ate Kryz. Sad to say, I’m such a lazy couch-potato and I hate it…
    there is this desire of me to keep going but my body just won’t cooperate.. Haha!

    I love the shots! Buwis buhay kay ang last photo but love it tho 🙂

  8. Gorgeous as always. 🙂 I have been living in Cebu my entire life but I’ve never been to tops. Would definitely find time to visit this place. Continue inspiring your readers Ms. Kryz. ^_^

  9. hi kryz.

    me and my friends are planning to go to Cebu, and i want to go to this place also, san to exactly? what should we say to our tourguide?

    thanks and much loves

  10. You always look simple yet elegant. . So beautiful and your smart mind, i adore you, Miss Kryz.
    The first time i read your blog, i keep on following you through facebook. .
    Keep it up girl. .

  11. Hi KRYZ

    where planning to go to Cebu this july.
    And I really want to go to this place.

    What do you think is the perfect time to come to this place? I really want to have a photo same as you # GOALS

    thanks and LOVELOVE

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