A few days ago, I woke up earlier than usual. I couldn’t recall what time it was then, but Slater was still sound asleep beside me. I looked at my husband and smiled. How lucky are we to find so much love and comfort in each other? They say the hardest years of marriage are the first two, but these past few months have been nothing but joy. Staring at him gave me an odd but satisfying sense of contentment.

I tried to go back to sleep, but my mind was wide awake. I tried to move as quietly as I could as I got myself out of bed. Moving to the window, I snatched a quick peek outside and could see a few rays of the sun piercing through the beautiful greyish sky.

I went outside our room and headed towards the kitchen. The entire house was so quiet, I could hear myself breathing. The floor tiles were cold against my bare feet, and I could feel the morning dew on my skin. I tried to interpret what I was feeling at that very moment. Obviously emotional, and ready to soak up the calmness of the morning.

Every corner of the house I set my eyes to- I remember every tiny detail. The story and struggle behind every single item- why and how it turned up the way it did.


Slater and I thought, fought, argued, agreed, settled and compromised on everything in this house – from the heaviest, biggest pieces of furniture, to the smallest, daintiest knobs. The colors and textures, the feel and ambiance the whole house created- all of these were born out of our vision and our collaborative effort as husband and wife. This house was our dream. A place we could finally call our own. It’s a culmination of two people creating a space to become one. Deep, but that’s honestly what I felt.


It’s surreal. We’ve lived here for a few months now, but I still get goosebumps every time I think about it. Life has a funny way of bringing people together and surprising you. It has a funny way of making you dream about your future and slowly building you up to get there.


Although our house is far from finished, it feels so much like home to me already. We’ve gone through so much building it- from saving up, to trying to finish within our short 10-month timeline, from learning things about each other that we never knew to make a million decisions together all of sudden. It wasn’t the easiest journey, but it made the destination so much sweeter.

I never thought I could love a place as much as I love a person. Maybe there really is something magical about finding love in your own home. Or maybe love and home is just the same wonderful thing.