1 year ago

Unboxing PR Gifts

Another round of unboxing and it feels like Christmas in September! If you guys are eagle eye followers, then you can probably tell which of these items I’ve already worn on my Instagram, and which ones I’ve talked about in my favorites! This video was shot in JULY but as per ushe it got super delayed!!! If you’ve seen any of these products from me before, write them down in the comments below and let me know where you spotted them!

1. Teddy Blake New York Bag
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2. Keds for Kate Spade sneakers

3. TenTen Nail Polish Bridal Collection

4. Creamsilk Triple Keratin Rescue Conditioner

5. StyleHood Metal Straws

6. Sora Yoga Towel

7. Love Bonito Dress

8. Luxe Saint Top and Skirt

9. 3CE Blush and Lippies from Charis

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