From the bottom of my heart

It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down to write to you guys on a pure non-video linking blog post. I miss this! I guess I sort of went all out on making videos because it was so new and fun and exciting to try something different. I’ve been on this space for about 9 years now (OMG can we please talk about how it’s almost been a decade??? Where have the years gone?) and although we’re constantly finding new things to talk about and new platforms to communicate, this blog has always been my constant. You guys have always been here for me, no matter where I go or what new adventure I’m getting myself into. And for that, I thank you. From the bottom of my heart!

So today, let’s chat! I have nothing in mind to talk about really, but I find that those are the best times to sit down and write. Cause things sort of just roll out in a more candid and effortless way. I love blabbing about things I’ve learned or whatever is on my mind, and I love having an audience of people to talk to whenever I want. I mean… it’s amazing isn’t it? To have someone halfway across the globe reading this very article. WOW. To have someone I’ve never met get affected (positively, I hope!) or affect change in someone else’s life because of my random thoughts. It’s absolutely insane. The world works in mysterious ways guys, and it’s both amazing and scary!

It’s not easy to live in a digital world. I keep telling my friends how lucky I feel that Instagram wasn’t a thing yet when I was in university or high school. I can’t imagine the amount of pressure students feel with follower counts and popularity being put on the spotlight now more than ever. With majority of the kids talking about it, stalking people online, and being constantly connected, I feel like you have to be really strong to know that there is so much more to life than the numbers on your profile. I remember struggling with “bullies” and classmates who spread rumours about me back when I was in school, and it was absolutely mortifying. That time, it was only word of mouth. I just can’t imagine how it is now with twitter, and instagram, and chat groups and all those avenues that could be used negatively. If you’re struggling with that and reading this right now, I want to say to you… what you think matters so much right now (people liking you, boyfriend/girlfriend problems, rumours etc) NO ONE WILL CARE ABOUT ALL THAT in the future. Including you. Life is SOOOO colorful, SOOOO full and vibrant. There are SOOOO many things you can do and experience to color your life! The reason why I’m not bitter or hung up about haters or mean people in my past is because I can hardly remember those moments. I’ve experienced so many new and wonderful things to replace those bad memories. So when I see a mean girl from way back, I don’t feel anything (except maybe slightly confused about who they are, but no hate, no drama, just… nothing) and it feels absolutely liberating. To choose which moments you want to remember, which experiences you want in your book of life.

WHOA… that escalated quickly! (tone it down a bit, Kryz!)

A lot of people ask me how I maintain being so positive all the time. I guess it shows a lot more on my videos. And well, I’m not ALWAYS happy, cause believe it or not- I am normal, guys. I get sad and angry too. But I just LOOOVE spreading happiness and good vibes when I feel my best because I think thats what the world needs a lot more of. LOVE… kindness… authenticity. So when I feel like I’m up for the task, I grab my camera or laptop and start spreading that in my own little way. Can I ask you guys to do the same?

There’s really no point to this post (I’m surprised about all these realizations myself! LOL), but let me end with a little message to make everyone’s Valentines Day just a bit more meaningful. Instead of expecting love today- GIVE IT. Go one extra step to make everyone (not just your loved ones) feel a bit more loved, and a bit more appreciated. Go outside and tell that girl on the train that you love her outfit. Ask the barista making your coffee how he is today, and how wonderful your hot cuppa is. Spend some time with your parents (and I’m talking quality time- no phones, no eyerolls!). To everyone reading this right now, let’s be a source of happiness and love on Valentines Day.

And to all my amazing readers, a warm hug, a big thank you, and a FAT I LOVE YOU to each and every one of you. Happy hearts day!!!