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From the bottom of my heart

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It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down to write to you guys on a pure non-video linking blog post. I miss this! I guess I sort of went all out on making videos because it was so new and fun and exciting to try something different. I’ve been on this space for about 9 years now (OMG can we please talk about how it’s almost been a decade??? Where have the years gone?) and although we’re constantly finding new things to talk about and new platforms to communicate, this blog has always been my constant. You guys have always been here for me, no matter where I go or what new adventure I’m getting myself into. And for that, I thank you. From the bottom of my heart!

So today, let’s chat! I have nothing in mind to talk about really, but I find that those are the best times to sit down and write. Cause things sort of just roll out in a more candid and effortless way. I love blabbing about things I’ve learned or whatever is on my mind, and I love having an audience of people to talk to whenever I want. I mean… it’s amazing isn’t it? To have someone halfway across the globe reading this very article. WOW. To have someone I’ve never met get affected (positively, I hope!) or affect change in someone else’s life because of my random thoughts. It’s absolutely insane. The world works in mysterious ways guys, and it’s both amazing and scary!

It’s not easy to live in a digital world. I keep telling my friends how lucky I feel that Instagram wasn’t a thing yet when I was in university or high school. I can’t imagine the amount of pressure students feel with follower counts and popularity being put on the spotlight now more than ever. With majority of the kids talking about it, stalking people online, and being constantly connected, I feel like you have to be really strong to know that there is so much more to life than the numbers on your profile. I remember struggling with “bullies” and classmates who spread rumours about me back when I was in school, and it was absolutely mortifying. That time, it was only word of mouth. I just can’t imagine how it is now with twitter, and instagram, and chat groups and all those avenues that could be used negatively. If you’re struggling with that and reading this right now, I want to say to you… what you think matters so much right now (people liking you, boyfriend/girlfriend problems, rumours etc) NO ONE WILL CARE ABOUT ALL THAT in the future. Including you. Life is SOOOO colorful, SOOOO full and vibrant. There are SOOOO many things you can do and experience to color your life! The reason why I’m not bitter or hung up about haters or mean people in my past is because I can hardly remember those moments. I’ve experienced so many new and wonderful things to replace those bad memories. So when I see a mean girl from way back, I don’t feel anything (except maybe slightly confused about who they are, but no hate, no drama, just… nothing) and it feels absolutely liberating. To choose which moments you want to remember, which experiences you want in your book of life.

WHOA… that escalated quickly! (tone it down a bit, Kryz!)

A lot of people ask me how I maintain being so positive all the time. I guess it shows a lot more on my videos. And well, I’m not ALWAYS happy, cause believe it or not- I am normal, guys. I get sad and angry too. But I just LOOOVE spreading happiness and good vibes when I feel my best because I think thats what the world needs a lot more of. LOVE… kindness… authenticity. So when I feel like I’m up for the task, I grab my camera or laptop and start spreading that in my own little way. Can I ask you guys to do the same?

There’s really no point to this post (I’m surprised about all these realizations myself! LOL), but let me end with a little message to make everyone’s Valentines Day just a bit more meaningful. Instead of expecting love today- GIVE IT. Go one extra step to make everyone (not just your loved ones) feel a bit more loved, and a bit more appreciated. Go outside and tell that girl on the train that you love her outfit. Ask the barista making your coffee how he is today, and how wonderful your hot cuppa is. Spend some time with your parents (and I’m talking quality time- no phones, no eyerolls!). To everyone reading this right now, let’s be a source of happiness and love on Valentines Day.

And to all my amazing readers, a warm hug, a big thank you, and a FAT I LOVE YOU to each and every one of you. Happy hearts day!!!

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  1. I love you Ate Kryz! And you touch people’s lives in ways you might not think of but you really do. You are a ray of sunshine and you shining so bright. Xoxo

  2. It is so good to know that there are really people who still exist to care and love. Just imagine if everyone do that di ba? (I am breathing deeply right now haha) And yes, count me in! I will promote love and will forget the hate.

    Happy hearts day Kryz! Love u and thank u xx

  3. Owwwww My Heart ! Love you kryz, na.iiyak ako while i’m reading this blog and ’til now while i’m typing my comment, lol ,siguro kung wala lng ako sa work ngayon while reading this, talagang tumulo na luha ko ,haha (napaka OA ko) I don’t know why, maybe because of your words that makes me realize how lucky we are that we have this Life given by God. Yes, we do experience lots of trials and problems but hello God’s creation is perfect so instead of complaining, why not just feel the love given by God , and spread that Love to those people surrounds you. -and i’m giving that love to you as well Kryz, we’re a far, but my heart near u. Much love. Happy Hearts Day <3 <3 XoXo

  4. Yay finally a blog post! I really missed reading your contents. It feels so good that you always spread nothing but love and happiness. Thank you for always inspiring us, Kryz! You never know how much you make my day complete through your photos/videos with heart warming captions. I will always be your reader, #since2012! Happy Valentine’s Day Kryz! Love you always ❀

  5. I missed these kinds of personal posts of you, Ate. πŸ’—
    Thank you for being the sunshine when everyone and everything else is dull and negative.
    Happy hearts day, my love. πŸ’—

    1. If only I had the time to write more often! Sometimes I wish there were more of me hahaha πŸ™‚ Thanks kim and happy hearts day!

  6. Love you Kryz. Happy Valentines! Thank you for inspiring people, like me. Please continue what you are doing. You are one of the people I look up to. πŸ’– you are a happy pill.

  7. Yey! I love reading your post Kryz. You are a walking sunshine who radiates positivism. Thank you for the inspiration, I love you as a person, my favorite blogger from the bottom of my heart:)

  8. You really inspire a lot of people. Being positive in this world full of crappy people is so hard yet there you are, spreading happiness. May you continue spreading positivity in others life and continue to be an inspiration to the new generation. Lotsa love!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. OMG! Missed reading your blog post, it’s been so long and i’m so happy that u posted again! Happy Valentines day babe! Keep spreading love and keep inspiring us. Love youxx

  10. I missed reading your blog posts!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Keep giving love, joy and smiles on other people. You have such a good heart, a reason why I admire you. You inspire me a lot. Love youu!! xx

  11. Your post is so inspiring. Thank you Kryzzzie! Your blog never fails to amaze me every time I visit. You inspire me to keep doing what makes me and other people happy.

    May you have a Happy Valentines Day Kryz! Hope I can meet you again, sad I didnt have the courage to approach you before and say thank you for the inspiration you showed to your fans and readers.

  12. Been lessening my usage of social media lately due to the pressure of likes and followers and pleasing other people so what you wrote is very timely for me! Thank you also for reminding me to GIVE LOVE! And thank you for spreading good vibes all the time! Love you, Kryz! I’m a fan!

    1. Yes Gel, it’s nice to detox once in a while. Thank you so much for the kind words and I hope you had a pleasant day yesterday! We all just need to help each other out!!!

  13. Hi Ms. Kryz. I’m a big fan of yours. Pinafollow and pinapanuod ko mga blogs mo kase naiinspire ako. Thank you and continue to inspire people. Love you! Happy Valentines. Godbless! ❀️

  14. Awwwww ❀️❀️❀️ so true! We have the same personality/mantra –to just forget the bad things in the past and replace it with good ones! πŸ™‚

  15. This is an inspiring blog again. What I really love you is that, you are full of positivity. How I wish I could adapt even a little from you! You are one of a kind. I also follow you besties, sometimes read their blogs, but still dont know why I stick on you? Then, I realized because I can’t hide to myself that I am being inspired of everything you do.

    Just like now, I promised yesterday that after Ash Wednesday, Im gonna deactivate my account as part of my fasting but I realized Im gonna miss stalking on your accounts. Im sorry Lord.

    Happy Valentine’s Dear and to Slater. Share my hugsss and kisses😘😘😘 lolπŸ˜‚

    1. Hahaha I’m not always positive and I totally understand how it feels to feel down. Thats why whenever I am in the mood, I love to share the vibes to help others who are in a rut!

  16. At last! Written blog na! I love you so much more kryz. Miss this so much thats why I tweeted about this Thank you for inspiring and love us. We were always here for you πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸŽ‰

  17. Hi Kryz,

    I found out about you because the boyfriend was tagging a girl who almost became his girlfriend in some of your posts because your outfit was cool or because you looked really pretty or cute in the picture. Anyhows,fast forward to today,i read your blog,watched all your vids, followed you on all social media platform and looks forward to your daily IG stories. I indeed am a fan now. ❀❀❀

    Still with the boyfriend and he does not know i am a fan of yours now.

  18. Awwwe. Happy Valentine’s Kryz! Still hoping to see you in person. Sana here in GenSan sooooon. Hihi. Continue to spread your positivity and happiness to the world. We love you πŸ’žπŸ’—

  19. I met you because of your behind the blog book which I bought from Nat’l bookstore. though you are sooo far away from Manila, and you don’t know me at all, you inspired me, to love myself more, to feel beautiful, to be more kikay and to never forget to use a sunscreen ahahahha, to be active in Instagram and Facebook for your vibrant and happy photos, I also loved reading your travel/fashion post here on your blog over and over. That’s why I missed it when you stopped writing stories with photos for us here. its been a year since I started following you, and I can say its worth it. I followed the right person. thanks for sharing your positiveness and your experiences with us Kryz. looking forward to more stories and great photos to come!!!!

  20. Woaaahhhh!! So heartwarming and I am so grateful that I read this! I just want to say that “Thank you for being YOU, Thank you for being always there for your readers. and Thank you for this blog of yours” You have a point in here! Simple things can actually perform every single day. πŸ™‚ I can always see positivity in you, Ate Kryz πŸ™‚ and I thank you for that πŸ™‚ Love you always! xoxo

  21. You are always an inspiration to me ate Kryz 😊 I know people have different thoughts on different things and I’d like to hear out yours from time to time te.. char. Pero btaw te oyy sge lang v/blog kay dghan jd kag naapektohan in a positive way ofc sa imng posts. Take me for example, pagmkakita kog pic nmo na nkabikini or something nka.dress tapos fit mamotivate jd ko mgdiet or mag.exercise(usahay) πŸ˜…Haha dghan kaykog yawyaw. Anywys, belated Happy Valentine’s te 😊 ug God bless you always. Spread love πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  22. You’ve always been my inspiration since day one, and reading you talk about these things uplift me. I hope you get to inspire more people to see the world half glass full. Love you Kryz <3

  23. I’ve been reading your blog ever since your chictopia and lookbook days and since how far you’ve come Kryz! <3 this love affair has with you & your blog has been long and worthwhile I must say! super proud of all your achievements! You're an amazing person who imbibes all these happy positive vibes and you deserve all the BEST! I LOVE YOU KRYZ!!!! <3

  24. Hi Ate πŸ™‚ I just want to say “thank you so much!” You inspire me a lot. Because of you that’s why I’ve decided to make blogs na rin. I’ll put much effort so that mareach ko rin dreams ko and be like you someday πŸ™‚ Godbless you always! πŸ™‚

  25. Kryzzz…I realized i miss *reading* your posts.. hahaha
    What’s funny is that while I’m reading your post, i’m trying to mimic in my mind your gestures, accent, etc. hahaha.. I <3 u too from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for inspiring me (your readers) and for sharing your life to us. W'ere always here for u.

  26. Yay! Very well written (per usual)! Always love reading your blog, Kryz! Even how busy life can get, I try to find time to communicate with people that matters to me and also really happy that I actually grew up without phone! Isn’t it crazy? We are always talking about it every single day how life can just rapidly change due to these techie life and gadgets. Stay positive and good vibes always! That’s the energy I love about the “Kryz Uy”! You are so authentic yourself and I know you are one of the few who will stay the same. Keep inspiring!

  27. The words of wisdom! Thank you for being an inspiration πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
    From your outfits to your videoblogs and for spreading your wisdom!

  28. I finally reading a blog post! πŸ™‚ This is one of the reasons why I love you. You just never stop inspiring a lot of people through writing. I’m glad you’re back at it Kryzzzie. Thanks for all the love you give us. We love you even more! <3

  29. You are my blog icon since then. I saw your blogpost first when I was still in college and I was so inspired with your posts, that was so long ago and up to now, I always read your blog and the way you handle yourself. You grow well and your worth it person to be loved by us. I wanted to see you in person soon, I am praying for that.
    Last year, I was in SALAD STOP and I mimicked your clothing with Slater Young while waiting for my boyfriend to come and I already ordered some meal for us and unexpectedly when he came, he was wearing white like me. It was unplanned and I imagined you and Slater ( we tried imitating you both) and I told him that I wanted to go to SALAD STOP because of you, hoping to see you and I even posted it on my instagram that maybe you could notice me πŸ™‚ ehehhe but anyways, I know you are such a busy blogger, keep inspiring us and for making us all happy with your positive aura πŸ™‚



  30. I am so happy to read this. So genuine, and full of positivity! πŸ™‚ You are always an inspiration Kryz! I have always loved reading your blog! πŸ™‚

    Always be happy! πŸ™‚

  31. Yay it’s been a while since I went to your blog as well (but I’m always at your Youtube naman haha). I super duper loooove your (new?) layout!!!

    I also love this personal blog post, cos I can relate! I was bullied too when I was in highschool but I just shrugged it off cos they didn’t matter to me. I focused on the people & things that make me happy πŸ™‚ Yes to positivity! This attitude sure did well with how we are now <3

    #hatersgonnahatepotatoesgonnapotate :))

  32. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! this really gives me a lot of good vibes and so much motivation to do more of spreading good vibes πŸ™‚ all the love for future positive vibes spreading ate! and my congratulations to your soon wedding πŸ™‚

  33. Hi Kryz,

    I miss reading a blog post like this! It feels like a friend just blabbling things but creates and brings wonderful feelings. I read this just today (Valentines day is already over) but even so, the love I feel while reading still radiates. Btw, congratulations on your engagement!


  34. A happy reader here! πŸ™‚
    I always love your blog and vlogs! I started blogging because of you. I love you Ms. Kryz! Sana maka pag release ka ulit ng book. :)πŸ’• Keep on spreading your positive vibes.

  35. Hi ate Kryz,

    Thank you for such a wonderful thought how to dealt with negative things and to keep it positive always. Reading this late but it’s never too late to spread love with or without special occasion. Congratulations to both you and kuya Slater. So happy for you.

    Lovelots πŸ™‚

  36. Hi Kryz! Well I’m quite late in reading this cute blogpost/Valentines greeting coz February just ended a week ago. But let me also thank you for being a fab inspo for all of us, young and young at heart! Thanks for being a friend even if we usually just chat on the comments section of your instagram photos or in your Youtube Vlogs! It’s also a great feeling on our end to be noticed and replied to by someone we follow and admire. On another note, I’m happy that you’re stepping into this new chapter of your life and I hope you’ll find more reasons to smile and be positive! 🌈 😊

  37. This is why we love you! You got great content on your blog and great substance as a person. Really love reading these random (you say) yet inspiring realizations. Thank you for sharing this!

  38. This was just what i needed. Thank youuu soooo much for reminding me what’s important and not. I honestly feel the pressure being in high school and social media being a major thing. Balancing school works while keeping up with social media is so tiring and pretentious. Thank you for this inspiring post! It absolutely made my day!! I may be late but I atleast want you to know how you’ve greatly influenced and inspired me by our post. Love lots and God blessπŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

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