November 23, 2020

VLOG: Boils on my body, unexpected unboxing

It's been tough lately.

If you follow me on Instagram (kryzzzie), you would have seen my real-time updates about these massive bites on my legs, belly, and arms that quickly turn into boils and blisters. They are incredibly itchy, painful, and unsightly. Some have been on my body for more than 3 weeks and the scab is still there. It’s been really difficult to sleep, move around the house and just be normal- tbh.

The reason for these bites? Fleas. I’m allergic to them. Skyskybear suddenly started getting them and they spread around our house! Since then, she’s been quarantined, treated, and our whole house has been and is still being treated as well. It’s gonna take about a month to rid these pesky little things completely, so I have to be patient and endure it for a while longer.

In the meantime, let me indulge in a little unboxing session for a bit of retail therapy. My orders from @furnishyourhomeph and BeautyMNL arrived and I was so excited to go through them. You know each item here is something I really thought about cause I have so much to say about them! 😄 I recently discovered that not only do they carry a lot of high-end to drugstore beauty products but they also have food options, baby stuff, and more. They carry a curated selection of items, so you know whatever is on the site is good quality! There are reviews there too so you can crowdsource and see if it’s for you!

Anyway, I won’t keep you long because the video itself is relatively lengthy. So sit back, grab a cuppa, and hope you enjoy this Sunday’s video!

Watch full video here:

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  1. I understand completely! If what you are experiencing are actual boils, then from my own personal trials, I would tell you to use boil cream (it actually says exactly that on the tube you can get in the drug store — or …. when you put it on the boils, THEN put an old, heavy-duty towel over it … and ‘cook it’: place a heating pad on top. That will successfully drain them, without having to get them lanced!

  2. I hope you could just stay at your mom’s place first while they sanitize/fumigate your whole house. Hoping for you to feel better soon, and to not have new bites anymore.

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