May 24, 2020

VLOG: Watermelon Baby Challenge with Slater 🍉

I know what you’re thinking… she’s still pregnant??? Yes girl, I feel ya. I’m probably 1000x more excited to get this baby out than anyone else! But in the meantime, before I officially pop, I thought it would be fun to challenge the hubs so he knows (partly) how I feel! Pregnant mommas, I’m sure you feel so vindicated when your partner finally gets to understand (at least part) of what you’re going through, am I right???

I challenged Slater to wear a watermelon strapped on to his belly for a few hours in the day- and I could not stop laughing!!! This is definitely a must-watch.

This video is purely for entertainment (and a bit of educational) purposes only. No husband got harmed in the filming of this video. 😂  Enjoy!

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  1. So sweet namn si Slater as a husband and as a soon to be daddy. Very supportive to his pregnant wife. Krizzy is very pretty and still looks gorgeous even though she’s nearing to give birth. God bless you both.

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