6 months ago

Weird Home Decors? YAY or NAY with Slater

Slater and I spend some of our quiet time hunting for home decors. We’ve reached the point where this became our own couple’s hobby.

And as we innocently browse through a number of pages for inspiration, we come across some quirky, eccentric and super weird finds!

Check out as we say Yay or Nay to some of the most interesting home pieces.




8 Responses

  1. Hahahaha!! Ayan DIY challenge na Kryzzzie from the hubz. Abangan namin yang garden sa kitchen ha. Haha. You cutiiieesss!💕

  2. Yayy!! Love this super helpful niyaaa , also in finding inspirations! I save tagged photos in IG too! Trusted ko recos niyo sooo i love this vlog!

  3. 6:34 This is too common now
    9:50 daghan ing-ana nga pots sa shopee
    11:46 natuk-an kos akong giinum nga kape hahahaha

  4. Grabe ni nga vlog sige ra ko tingsi! Hahaha. Lingaw kaayo. So far sa mga naga baby talk, sa imoha ko wala giluod. Hahaha gikyutan ko hinuon. I like your personality too!

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