August 19, 2021

“We’re part of the family” Reacting to Yaya’s interview

WOW, our YAYA Q&A video was such a hit! It even made it to our local newspaper- and Yaya Jera and Marlene were floored lol! So grateful for you guys watching. I’m happy Yaya Jera and Marlene were able to experience “youtube” success for a minute lol

In today’s episode, we are doing a reaction video! This time, I filmed myself watching and listening to their answers for the very first time. The reason I didn’t stay with them while filming is because I knew they wouldn’t be comfy with me around and they’d be too shy to give their honest answers. I was honestly super excited to watch and see what they had to say about Slater and me. We laugh, we cry- we had a great time. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

Watch the full video here:

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